Friday, October 11, 2013

Existing within a Constant Belief – Why? – Day 351

Here, I would like to open up the point of being possessed about a belief that I have had within myself of being inferior to others due to the way I look for many, many years now. This belief being validated over and over again by my continuing it in my thoughts, words, and actions, but in reality this belief is not real because all life is in it's essence equal. Why is all life equal in fact, in it's essence, because we are all physical and the physical reality is what gives us life. Now, this belief, that I am inferior, really started to effect me during middle school where I started to desire to be 'pretty' because I saw how now I like boys, and my friends where talking about boys, so there was this awareness and competition starting to develop among the girls towards the guys in my grade.

Before middle school, in elementary and even younger, there was a form of freedom within my expression, I was not aware or considered the point beauty or wanting to look a certain way, I never really considered myself through others peoples eyes either in terms of being beautiful or ugly as the polarity play’s out within this pattern of the beauty system. I was quite wild actually as a child, often wanting to be like the boys in my neighborhood with my shirt off, short hair, climbing trees, playing in the dirt, and just wanting to enjoy myself.

But once I become more aware of myself and others in relation to the relationship between money, popularity, looks, skills, and the underlying competition brewing within me towards other females, I can see now how the human being starts to devolve from this innocence’s as a child, care-free, self accepting, and open to an adult who judges, fears, and becomes quite ruthless through competitive behaviors to survive. So I would say was more of an easy target for the stronger kids around me because I was more shy and reserved, and when I was picked on, I didn't fight back. I found that once you allow someone to abuse you and you don’t take responsibility to stand up and defend yourself, and say ‘No, I don’t allow you to abuse me' and thus stop the abuse through common sense, you are in a way accepting and thus allowing the abuse, and so it’s like an invite for those prone to abuse, to thus abuse.

The abusers as well, they are also being ‘abused’ in a way because they are having no resistance to realizing what they are doing and the effect they are having on others, and so they are just doing what they ‘where taught’ or ‘know how to do’ or 'observed' and so following their minds completely, being lost within ego or superiority, not seeing the harm in reality that they are in fact doing. If you have a look at how your mind thinks, it's based on imaginations, future or past events, and so when in reality, we are never really here, but in our minds in someplace existing within whatever preferenced way of living the person is believing themselves to exist as, and for me it was a belief that I am just not as good as some people. 

This pattern of allowing abuse and so being abused, created this belief and so it was actually over and over again within my mind and within the way I lived was being validated that I am weak, I am inferior, I am less then others, I am these things that these kids are saying to me, but in reality none of these things are actually true. I am just ‘BELIEVING’ them to be true, and have a look, a belief is not in fact true because it’s not based on actual facts, it’s based on the perception of your interpretation of the facts that you are viewing and computing through your mind because you are not directing each and every thought in full awareness, but allowing things that pop up into the mind such as a picture or a memory or an thought as real when it's the mind actually creating it in that moment, and if we are not actually creating these mind components in awareness, how can we trust what is going through our mind and follow it so absolutely? 

So an important thing that I have noticed is to work with reality and reality can be assessed through seeing things physically, direct, and practically, you can look at words, and find the direct purposes of individual words, and so we can come to universal agreements on the meaning of words that is clear, understood, and practically direct to the physical purpose of what the word represents in reality. So this is a cool and interesting process to start to walk, seeing directly physically, what words actually mean in direct reality through practical assessment bypassing the mind interpretation, and the tools to support with this is found at DIP Lite.

Existing in this constant belief that I am less then others has created me to compromise my effectiveness in reality to be direct, to live practical, and to live in common sense because I am more in my mind then actually here in physical reality, and it's kind of strange to see it this way because we are in fact here. But if you start to become more aware of your thoughts, your emotions, the images in your mind, and how we follow them without question even in the face of abuse or suffering to another in reality, we still will follow it. I have started my process to live direct, to live physical as this blog shows, and you can to by investigate the links below to see how you really are and the potential that exist with human beings living in reality, direct, and in common sense.

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