Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 113- Never Forget Self Corrective Statements

I commit myself to walk in all contexts and points I am able to, the Equal Money System, which will physically, practically ensure that a new system is put in place that create the value of life equal to money to support all here on this earth in a way that is best for all.

I commit myself to stop all points of war and actions of death in this world to make profit and income by creating a world where life is not dependent on profit and money value, so all are supported and the war and killing of life will cease to exist as it’s not necessary as making profit will end and desire for more will end as all that is wanted is given freely for all to share in equality through creating a new system that has equality and oneness of all life as it's principle foundation, which the equal money system will.

I commit myself to walk the path of ending the fictious beings we put our faith in to not have to take responsibility for what is here, but allow the perpetuation of abuse. So thus I commit myself to take responsibility for myself in all areas of my life so I am the director of myself, and thus I can direct myself as life to common sense solutions and be an example so others can do the same.

I commit myself to stop all points of inequality and self interest within myself by giving to all as I would want for myself, sharing everything so thus everything is able to be given freely and thus I will benefit equally as well, so it's a win win for all as how it should be.

I commit myself to walk all points of polarities as comparisons and ego desires to thus be able to stand here in equality with all as the physical for real, stopping self interest in all areas to thus give to the interest of all so all will benefit equally.

I commit myself to only walk what life is here as me in equal value among all in what is best for all stopping all points of definitions or any separation based on any point of the mind.

I commit myself to treat all life as I would like to be treated as I have realized that to abuse life is to abuse myself and thus based on this common sense assessment, I would not like to be abused so thus I will stop all abuse to others as I wouldn't want for myself.

I commit myself to create a system as the equal money system to stop all points of survival and thus walk all solutions to create all areas of life where all are supported in practical common sense ways through the medium as money and resources in honor and respect of the life that is within and as all that is here.

I commit myself to create and thus help walk a system as the equal money system that will create all ways and means of sustainability and recyclability to thus create the best support systems for all life, so thus we can prosper and expand in honor and integrity of all life in all ways through respecting the life that is here as source as the physical and expanding within it's utmost potential.

I commit myself to stop the self interest glorification of the mind as me, and walk the life that is here in equal regard and respect of all, to create a world that honor life instead of disregard it and abuse it due to self interest.

I commit myself to walk this process until life is one and equal and we have a system in place, as the equal money system, that will support all life here in what is best for all by living this and creating this living within myself through walking the tools of self honesty, self investigation,self forgiveness, and self correction until it’s here as me. 

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