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Day 274 – Winning – “I am Better then You” – Self Commitments to Live – Part 2

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When and as I see I am using memories to fuel my backchat and actions within the physical of revenge through competition and trying to win, I stop and breath, as I realize that this fueling of the backchat and my actions within this allowing the backchat to direct me will cause abuse to others and cause a point of conflict because I am not considering the other in equality and looking for the most harmonious direction to take for myself and the other in equal consideration where both will benefit, but only within my mind as me blaming them for me losing in the past as these memories of them beating me and thus seek to gain my power back through beating them. Within this I realize it is just self-interest only seeking to boost my ego because I want attention and fear being seen in a bad light by others when I am already here as life no need to seek it from others to let me know, but live it within and as my own self expression as I am already life here.

I commit myself to let go of the energy of these memories of lose through releasing myself within the hold of revenge as I see that we are equal and there is no reason to fight back, I am here and alive and thus I have no reason for conflict, I live, I need nothing else but to live this, so thus I commit to support myself and life as best I can to let go of emotions as revenge and become humble within myself and my world as what is best for all is only a living realization that must be lived and thus conflict will end.

I commit myself to investigate why these memories are being triggered within the moment and thus stop this trigger point from directing me and reacting through self forgiveness and self commitments and thus live the point of love thy neighbor as thyself even until it is here among us for real.

I commit to breath and release revenge and emotional anger when another is not supporting what is best for al and harm me, through letting it go, and support the other in peaceful means to see what they are doing, and if they can not hear let it be and walk my process as interacting will cause more harm then good.

I commit myself to let go of my ego and walk the path of peace which is self acceptance, accepting myself and everyone here in breath as life, I walk this by moving slower becoming aware of my breath, and walk the principles in my day to day interaction with others through stopping competition through stopping my memories and thoughts of competition, and practice walking support and assistance of others to a harmonious environment for all.

When and as I see I am going into abuse in my mind or in the physical, I stop and breath, and immediately come to realization that this is unacceptable, I am not taking responsibility for myself and practicing the equality equation, I realize this will end in self compromise and abuse to the other and thus myself.

I commit myself to stop the thought patterns of anger and revenge through stopping my participation in conflict situations with others, where I see that I can let go of my wants, needs, and desires, and walk in a way that support the best outcome for all through communication with others and practical common sense to come up with ways that will support all to understanding universally.

I commit to stop my self interest in only looking at my own wants, needs, outcomes, and thus allow all to benefit and do what is necessary to support others the way I would like to be supported.

I commit myself to let go of my attachments to things, and walk in simplicity what I need practically to live and walk my process and that’s it let go of the desires for more when in self honesty I see it is wasteful and not necessary.

I commit to let go of my self interest to be seen by others as more by letting go of the desire to have power over others through putting myself in the shoes of the other and asking myself, “is this how I would want to be treated?”

I commit to walk humbleness in finding it within myself and living it within my living in all that I do through acceptance of life here as myself and all, and unconditionally support myself through not accepting separation through thoughts of my perception of reality through the eyes of memories and the mind, but what is here in the physical in the understanding that I am all that is here in fact and how can I live to support all to live this as well.

When and as I see myself go into the mind to find out who I am through energy as winning and losing, and thus live in reality within a positive or negative experience of myself based on what idea as memories and thoughts have showed to me that I am, I stop and breath, and I realize that this is not who I am, I am not defined and based by energy in my mind as emotions and feelings of good and bad feelings attached to pictures, words, ideas, beliefs, or thought patterns, but am able to direct myself here in the physical in stability in the principle of equality and oneness, and through this realization of who I am as the physical as life in all that is powerful and magnificent within this living in oneness and equality with all that live as self, live this in fact in the statement of my expression through actually living here breath by breath in taking into full consideration who I am and all that is here and walking the best I am able to by correcting myself when I see I go into energy, breathing, and supporting myself as all in unconditional support to realign this life to what is best for all.

I commit myself to let go of feelings and emotions as reactions in energy to pictures and words and thoughts streams in my head, letting go of ideas, beliefs, and opinions I have of myself and others, and remain here in my breath, practicing each and every day to become stable in my breath, aware of the life that is here as me and in everything that I see and live with in the phsyical, and walk the support that is necessary for me and life to live one and equal by slowly but surely producing this as my expression and thus the expression of this world through self correction and self sustenance.

I commit to continue to investigate and correct all points I see activate competition and the desire to be superior, and walk the correction by stopping the energy and living the correction of supporting life, step by step until I move me in my own self will and direct all points as a expression of myself.

I commit to say ‘no, I do not have to be directed by this energy’, when I see I am going into energy possession, and thus get up and move myself physically to stop the activation of this energy possession through also stopping the thoughts that fuel the energy.

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