Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 287 – Simple Commitments

I am shifting gears for a moment, to write some commitments for myself, simple and relatively easy to apply in terms of them being straightforward and practical, I will write them here to have down and out of my head, and apply them for a month because I see I am accepting resistance in points and I need a bit of an exercise to get me back in the grove of walking consistently.

Here it goes:

1) I commit myself to wake up at 630 each day and take my dog as well as me for a run/walk.
2) I commit myself to do a blog and vlog everyday and do one added blog and vlog on relevant points within supporting and researching the equal money solution per week.
3) I commit myself to walk the DIP Lite responsibilities every night before I sleep.
4) I commit myself to clean for an hour around the house and help with responsibilities of cooking/care/garbage every day.
5) I commit myself to commit to one hour at least a day for DIP responsibilities.
6) I commit myself to one hour a day for transcribing.
7) I commit myself to one sweet a week.
8) I commit myself to run Henri at night or take him for a walk, no more out back.

Ok, here to walk this til May 31 as a point to walk consistent and in stability to support me within my process to come, will update as I go.


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