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Day 273 – Winning – “I am Better then You” – Self Corrections to Live – Part 1

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When and as I see myself experiencing energies of self righteousness and superiority towards another based on accepting a memory stream to flow through my mind of me beating them in the past in some competition and go into a superiority stance towards them, I stop and breath, and realize that living within this mode of living from memories and thus living from these memories alone, is accepting and allowing myself to compromise my ability to live in the physical in the best I am able to as well as abuse others because I have created the experience within my mind that I am more then this person because I am accepting memories as real and justifying my experiences of superiority based in these memories I have selected as me as the winner. I realize though within this that these memories are not real, they are in my mind and thus are illusions as what is in my mind is not physical, can not be tested, cross-referenced, and verified as true, and thus I am not being self honest within the moment, but only in self interest feeding my ego in feeling better about myself by making another feel less important.

I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing memories to direct me within sustaining my living here, reacting to these memories as if they are real and define the physical, and thus live from the physical here in every breath, treating others how I would want to be treated.

I commit myself to stop my ego in superiority by seeing what I am doing in the moment of trying to be more and stop in that moment, finding ways and solutions where there is a common ground and that all are able to benefit equally and thus treated equally as well.

I commit myself to walk from the physical what is in reality through testing points and seeing if they are conducive for all and make sense over time, walking self honesty within my reality and stopping the mind as memories to direct me.

When and as I see that I am going into a point of superiority with another and demanding competition from them where they must prove they are better then me and when I am not satisfied I will lash out in irritation and anger, I stop and breath, as I realize that this behavior is showing the complete lack of respect for myself and integrity within myself where I have to abuse and push others to be as I am as an abusive person, to prove my ego is the strongest, and thus cause uncomfortableness with others and conflict because I want attention and the energy of feeling more important and thus go as far as pushing others and myself to prove it by creating more and more competition and thus I can gain more and more energy, which is I realize abusing life for my self interest, unacceptable as I would not want to be treated in this abusive and degrading way.

I commit myself to stop and breath and do not accept myself to go into points of competition and proving to be more, this through letting go of the energy, breathing through it and saying no I will not accept this competition any longer.

I commit to see all in this world and in my world in there shoes, communicating with them and coming to common ground, and so stop the point of being more by accepting me, getting to know and understand how my mind works, and continue to walk the correction process in self honesty to correct my living to always consider others as equal and do what is best for all.

I commit to accept myself each and every time I see I am going into comparison and competition, by saying no I don’t accept me in competition, and embrace that part of me I am trying to beat. Open it up in writing and see why I am not aligned with it, what am I not accepting of myself, and so direct it into alignment with what is best for all through self forgiveness and self commitment statements.

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