Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 275 – Redefining the Word Winner to be Lived By All


So I, a few blogs back, redefined the word loser in relation to the polarity of the different energies we can exist within our minds as a negative as a loser and a positive as a winner for instance, but what has been clear through my own self investigation and should be clear within the obviousness of how we experience ourselves within these energies, is that they never last. We are always searching for more positive energy as winning in life and less negative energy as losing in life, but there is a way to live in stability, grounding ourselves to what is here in reality, what is really being lived, and living our words in their real purpose, which means to create words in what is best for all, universal meanings and to what their practical purpose is. Again, the word winner will have to be purified within self as all words will have to as each word carries attachments with them, different meanings, memories, pictures, definitions to thus be able to really live the word for what it's purpose is, and not be directed by our self interest within the word in what purpose we want it to have.

I will now redefine this word and walk this with the word winner as I did with the word loser. Now, to ground this word I will walk it in the same context as we did with the word loser, using it as a point of defining what is the best that will be used within our society within an equal money system through a competition of many things, and thus within that competition of many different products, services, policies, ect, finding what will be best for all through what in it's purpose is the actual best for it's reason for being. The winner being the best in what it will do and how it will function in consideration of all the life that it will touch, so in all areas we are able to consider, this product will live the best of it's ability in consideration of all in equal value and honor in the oneness of life that all have within it's very existence as it's beingness.

No more will the word winner signify or represent an ego definition for self or another as more then or better then as there is no relevance in this and no need to do that, because all things in life that exist in the physical will be valued equally and thus respected as such. So what will change will be the value we place on words being equal to life, all being respected as life, and all living within this protection so to speak to exist, and thus deserve a life of dignity and reverence   Then real world order can come of that because there is no more bubble worlds all gaming to make 'me' be the winner and not consider the consequences of one's actions on the rest, but we all win as one world in order as we all live as one life, individually expressing creating always what is best for all and thus this always being best for self, a win - win for all, which is optimum.

Winner(s) in the equal money system will be for the purposes of allowing life to see what is best within what we create because what is created will be within it’s purpose alone and will be valued equal to everything else, so it will no more be abused for profit or self interest, and thus all suffering will end once and for all. There will be no need for brands or any kind of consumer competition, all will be made to last and be the best of it's kind it can possibly be made as to thus reduce waste and make the most creative product/service we can. It will be quite fascinating and interesting to walk this into reality, grounding ourselves to real life, the physical, living words, and walk the process of creating ourselves, our society, our living systems, our policies, our products, our services in the best way possible through living this simple truth as princple of doing what is best for all in all we do.

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  1. Hi. I just found ur Day 50 video on youtube. I would like to start but I went to the Dip lite page and your days don't match theirs so I'm confused. Which syllabus are you following? thanks

  2. This what I am walking here is called the 'Journey to Life' group which we as a group are walking a 7 year journey of writing to change our patterns of living to support life. The desteni lite course is a free beginner course to start this journey, it's a way to get acquainted with how to do this, the vocabulary we use, the understanding behind why to do this, so I suggest take the lite course first before venturing into these writings. There is also the desteni forums you can join, where you can place questions or interact with other people that are walking this journey as well for more support. All the relevant links you will need can be found above at the end of this post, let me know if you require any further support. Enjoy.