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Day 280 – “F*ck Authority” Character – Being Yelled At – Suppression Self Correction to Live

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When and as I see that I am going into a tension and fear due to a loud voice being expressed by another, I stop and breath realizing that the voice has no effect on me physically such as harming me physical, and thus I can let go of the fear by seeing that it is simply another going into reaction and thus I can remain stable and breath.

I commit myself to stop and do not participate in any reaction of another when I hear loud voices.

I commit myself to focus on who I am as stable in breath and self directed, and move myself into breath and using common sense to direct myself within the situation.

When and as I see myself react into submission when I hear a loud voice, I stop and breath, and realize that this submission is an indication of me going and being directed by fear, where I realize that it is separation and will lead to my self compromise in what I am doing.

I commit myself to flag this point of submission and find what triggered this submission of myself and correct through writing and stopping the trigger from directing me in the physical.

I commit myself to breath and find my stability within myself, embrace myself within this standing, and realize I am able to direct myself and I don’t have to accept this point of loudness as creating fear, it’s simply tone in sound or ask the other to speak softer if possible. I commit to if I react walk away until clear.

When and as I see myself go into a point of self compromise through submitting to fear and allowing others to control me through a sound of voice and accept myself as inferior to them when they are yelling loud at me or around me, I stop and breath, and realize that this is my own creation, I realize I am not fear and it is not something that I physically need to live, I can by moving though fear realizing that I am still here and thus I realize I must stop the fear and submitting to inferiority to thus stand equal with others and find solutions with others that are best.

I commit myself to stop all points of fear and thus stop all submission of inferiority through moving my physical when I see I am going into this point, and push myself to direct the point through making a decision, either facing the other or waiting due to unnecessary consequence possibly being created.

I commit myself to write and direct the point when I see I go into fear or inferiority towards another, and correct this point in my living until I am stable with all walks of life and able to direct myself when ever I face any point that within tonalities of voices.

When and as I see I am going into a memory of my dad yelling with his loud voice and smacking me on my bum because I was in trouble, I stop and breath, and realize this happened in the past and does not define me here, I am not under threat and thus cane make myself use common sense if these points come up of fear of harm through accepting the other and avoiding conflict if possible through removing myself from any point where aggression is a point that might be used.

I commit myself to stop accepting this memory of my dad in fear and tension when I hear a loud male voice, and move to find out what is the cause of the voice and understand it so I can direct myself in what will be best in common sense.

I commit to let go of my desire to be the best or have the last word with others in being loud myself and thus move myself to remove myself from the situation so further conflict and thus consequence can be avoided until I am clear and able to self direct myself in my tone of voice to be in equality not polarity.

When and as I see I am going into a point of defense in myself from a loud voice of a female and connect it to fighting with my mom, I stop and breath, and realize I am here and not in the past, I can move myself and thus direct to stop the memories because I don’t need to fight with anyone but can self direct myself to make decisions in common sense and what will be best for the situation.

I commit myself to stop directing myself in fear and thus going into a defense when I hear a women’s voice in yelling by realizing that is the past and I am here in my breathing, I commit to find my breathing and stop mymind from directing me into defense and protection when I hear a loud women’s voice as it’s simply a being voicing herself loudly.

I commit to walk with others and see why they are yelling and thus find solutions instead of seeing it as an attack.

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