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Day 271 – Winning – Fulfilling a Desire for Self Satisfaction – Self Corrections to Live

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When and as I see myself going into an experience of self satisfaction when I have participated in competition and won, I stop and breath, and realize that this is not real self satisfaction, but self compromise as I am separating myself from the others within the environment I am living in and thus seeing myself more based on the action of beating someone, when this is showing my ignorance to who I am as life as one and equal with all the other life forms that live with me as I am only in my mind in my self interest to feel better about myself through generating energy through my mind as feeling important because I am the winner.

I commit myself to stop and do not participate within the action of competition if I see what I am doing is to gain energy and define myself by this energy as I see when I am not within the starting point of equality, I will separate myself into this point of desire alone and not consider the others I am effecting within my actions as competing and trying to be the best.

I commit myself to not participate in the energy of desire when I see that the opportunity has arise to win, and thus not go into the action of attempting to win as I see that it is only due to gaining this energy as good feelings if I possibly win and thus cause separation and conflict with others based on the separation I am causing in only looking out for my self interest and trying to be better.

I commit myself to stop the projection in my mind of what it will be like to win and gain the good feelings and attention if I do win.

I commit myself to stop the desire to win by participating in sports within the physical, being aware of my body, and moving it as the sport actions stopping my participation and thus interest in winning alone as it’s irrelevant when it’s only for my own gain.

When and as I see that I am going into a self judgment of lack and thus seek to fulfill this through winning in something to gain good feelings to make myself feel better, I stop and breath, and I realize that this polarity of lack/fulfillment through feelings within competing and winning over others is self sabotage as this will never give me real fulfillment as it’s based on energy and energy always run out thus my self fulfillment is not real as it will end which is the reverse of the standing as self fulfillment for real I realize.

I commit myself to stop existing within myself as self judgment through accepting these parts of myself that I see I lack in through writing and coming to a decision in living that will help support this living for real as self acceptance as a commitment to live the best I can for myself and all that I effect.

I commit myself to stop separating myself from life here through existing through self judgment and thus comparison by saying ‘no, I don’t accept this judgment of myself or comparison of others any longer’ and speaking ‘ I accept my hair, I accept my face, I accept the other as me, ect’ to sound who I am within my living and stop continuing in the thought pattern in my mind.
I commit myself to stop looking for others to tell me who I am and thus push my own self expression, writing, being with me, and exploring who I am within moments and accept what I see and change that which is not best to the best I can be, I commit to live these principles in all I do.

When and as I go into a point of self compromise through existing in desire to be a perfect picture and thus use competition to see it to fruition through winning, but always existing within polarity of win/lose, high/low, never stable, I stop and breath, and I realize that this desire to be perfect has got to be let go of as it’s not real only in my mind, I realize I have to exist in the physical here in breath and move according to physical considerations and realities, which can not be a picture in my mind as perfection because I realize perfection has to be lived as me to be real as me.

I commit myself to walk through this desire of stopping perfection within myself and move myself in the physical in physically perfecting skills or studies I am working with and continue this in all I do, perfecting my self expression as free, my discipline, my acceptance of all and me, ect by working with the small and moving, as I go, to the bigger points until I am here and walking the best I am able to as a physical being in my living.

I commit to walk in the physical breath by breath and continue to let go of thoughts of desire to be better and compete, and I commit to not participate in competition if the starting point is this desire to prove I am better and to be a winner over others as feelings of self satisfaction within self as ego in self interest.

I commit to stop my desire to win to show off for others and walk with others in endeavors that will benefit all and all will win.

I commit to stop my self interest and realign to be in the interest of all in what is best for all.

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