Saturday, August 29, 2015

Not Facing Yourself In Real Time – Day 473

I have witnessed last weekend the consequences of not applying myself in real time moments within points of extreme emotion, and I almost had a panic attack. I had listened to an audio and within that audio, I took the information and my mind ran with it. I within that time remember feeling pulled into this experience of overwhelming fear and anxiety especially and it growing more and more as I allowed it. As I kept participating in the energy of the whole storm within myself and in my mind, I realized it got more and more difficult to pull myself out of it. So by the time I got support from a friend to reel me back to reality, I put my body through a massive surge of emotion and almost ended up vomiting. I did no writing throughout the days and also did no real self directed forgiveness aloud. I got a few out, but by then I was quite involved in the whole experience that I had become almost possessed.

Applying myself in this process is of utmost importance, and here as a gift the physical is showing me that this is what is needed to move through these mind patterns and transcend them in real time living. It’s quite obvious what it entails and I have been walking this process for more then six years that it’s like second nature now. Though, it is not, I have to constantly and consistently push my self direction to apply myself day to day, write out my mind constructs and daily forgivness, speak forgiveness and live the corrections to in fact move, the mind nor anything else for that matter is going to do this for me, I have to move me. This all is imperative especially now as the more deeper mind dimensions are becoming more active to be moved through and transcended. So as with my new career as a sales women, the same principles apply, I must continue to put myself in uncomfortable situations or situations that I resist to prove to myself that I am able to change myself and live what is best for all. If I don’t walk the necessary steps to live the change I want to live such as stopping myself in a moment of emotion and stopping myself to go into the thought patterns, then the mind as was demonstrated to me this weekend, will literally take over.

So it’s important for real time application and not only this, but consistency within this, every day as this will support with not allowing the energy as emotion and/or feeling to accumulate. The daily application keeps the energy surges and/or attempts of possessions at a stable level as you as the beingness within the mind stop it and also transform the mind programs into self created platforms that will support with stability. So this is the living corrective application process one speaks and/or writes after the forgiveness on a point is done within what I am walking as the desteni i process. Also what I am practicing is re-defining and living words in relation to the point I am changing within myself and transform these words to support myself to become equal with my mind in my living to live what is best for me as well as what best for all through common sense. This being done by creating the structure of how to live a word in my real time application and practice it in to create for myself a new way of facing myself in whatever comes in my world and finding solutions through the support that I have prepared before hand to stand.

In my next blog, I will walk the start of this process with the self forgiveness and self correction process as well as the living word process with a specific point I have been walking over a long time period, this pattern has been persistent and s I will walk this to create that living structure for myself to be able to stand and direct myself in common sense.

Thanks for reading.

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