Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Will Be the Key to Create A World of Peace? - Day 419

Imagine if we allowed for all to have support in this life, a new world basically in an instant where everybody has enough money and things to live from, and everyone is self sufficient and self directed treating everyone how self would want to be treated, with care and equal consideration. This world would be great, there would be peace in the lands, the fear would end, the killing and abuse would end, the traumatization and corruption would end, poverty, hunger, disease, slavery would end, our world would be a place we all would want to live in and rejoice for because our living would be that of true peace and freedom, a real joy.

Imagine this world….can you see it? Do you see people communicating with each other with ease and comfort, self expressing and being open and giving? Do you see the lush green of the grass and the tall old trees covering us from the daily sun? The endless variety of nature and animals walking alongside humans as equals? The children playing at ease in the fields with passion for each other and their expression? And adults supporting one another with humbleness and self assuredness? Can you hear the communication of the beings that exist on all levels of life the big to the small as all are here with each other as life in equal measure? Can you experience the equality of all life within the system’s we live and function from? This world we can dream up can indeed be created, but here is the key, we must physically move ourselves to create this world we see, we human beings have to physically create our 'dream' world step by step for it to become real.

This imagination is a blueprint for the actual world we can create. The problem we as humanity have been existing within is the fact that we are only imagining things, only existing within our minds, only seeking good experiences, only looking within a fear of survival, and not within the reality that exists that we have power and that power is within living aligned equal and one with all others in practical common sense.

We can not go from the state that this world is in now where we are in turmoil, at war, annihilating our planet, and abusing and hurting each other mentally and physically to a peaceful world without doing it ourselves, each one on this planet is responsible to walk the best they are able to within themselves. As has been obvious, there is no god or higher force going to save us on this planet, the ‘elite’ of this world or those in high powered positions and have access to all the resources have gotten to that position based on shrewdness and self interest, they are not going to bring peace to this world, they are not going to create a world that is best for all, so we are not able to rely on government or charities or religions to save us because throughout history as has been shown, our world has only gotten worse.

To expand our world into new directions that all are able to live within and enjoy has to also be expanded within ourselves, walking within ourselves to self change and taking the action to actually will it to be done. 

Walking with a group to create the change we see will be best. All are welcome in this group, there is no separation to who can be in this group, but we all are responsible to respect and honor all life equal and one to self and support oneself to live this so we can actually change the world for real. If we don’t change ourselves to live what is best for all, how can we expect our world to change in such a way or any other person for that matter if within ourselves we are not living this, the within is being reflected in the without.

The process for this self and world change is a process as we see with changing any part of our worlds such as stopping an addiction, it’s going to take a step by step dedication to walk this and change oneself without giving up in the difficult moments and there will be many. Though the rewards of this labor is a stable and harmonious self and eventually global community. To get here though, we have to figure out within ourselves how we work, what is driving us within our motivation in our behavior, what is working that supports our physical bodies and living and what doesn’t, and then we have to take the same steps in the outer, how does our world function, how does our relationships function in this world, how are our systems constructed and operate?

This process is not going to be quick or easy, the mcdonalds way of life has been used up, we have to face now the consequences of our lifestyles from the past and within this walk the current positions of ourselves to support a better future. But here a key alignment I realize has to be made within myself and so within humanity as it’s common sense, if we want peace and stability in our world, all must have access to this peace and stability, if even one being (man, animal, nature, all life) is not included, peace and stability will never be possible. To implement and live the principles of we are all one on this earth as the physical beings we all are, and we are all equal within this physical existence because we are all life within each one that exist, a entire new existence will open up, something we couldn’t have fathomed in years past. But this way of peace and transformation into a transparency of sorts and a unison of life is here to be walked, it is possible, and is in waiting by all life who is willing to align with such principles.

Living what is best for all is our solution, living in peace and stability is possible, allowing all a right to life on this planet is our duty, and respecting and honoring ourselves as one and equal as life is our salvation. All who here this and walk it will live eternally, it is not a special thing, it is the truth of life. Support proposal that support life, let’s walk a new world through living this through ourselves, and remember none are free until all are free. Thank you.

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