Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Living Equality - Self Acceptance Support - Day 341

I always admired my sister Sue because she had a calmness within her that I couldn't match. I wanted it, like a point of not needing attention from anyone, she was content within herself, didn't need praise, and had it all so to speak. I on the other hand really enjoyed praised, thrived off of it even, and desired attention from others like there was something missing within me that I needed others to help me find. Not realizing that the whole time I was missing this point that Sue was showing me through her expression, how to be gentle, how to be content with myself, how to live with who you are and accept that point of self within a point of ease as this is how it is, this is what is real, me here living in this body in this world

Now, I have started to implement this point within myself and started to really stop the superficial ways of how I lived within self judgment, the beauty system desires, comparisons, competition, but accept myself for who I am. From this acceptance of self births the opportunity for self change because you allow yourself to see the potential for real and live it through the practice and process of change that will be necessary to walk. Where before, I would not even be able to move at all because I would constantly be split within myself judging myself and comparing myself, and thus compromising myself to in fact really be able to change because I wouldn't allow it, I didn't see it, and thus didn't understand that I could be the change I was looking for. So acceptance of self is key I have found to be able to move beyond the boundaries of ones accepted and allowed behaviors of self compromise, and see the change that in fact actually exist within self, it's a potential that I missed easily because I was already defeated within myself before I even started, with the starting point that self judgment encompasses, that being that self is not good enough.

But through allowing myself to accept myself and live this in my day to day living, such as stopping the line of thought that I often cycled within of showing to myself how others are 'dissing' me, this in my mind only being played out, just from one movement of another I took personally, and so self acceptance allows me to take that step to stop the trigger point and change in that moment by accepting me for me. And with consistently stopping the energy of what self judgment produces anger and disappointment for instance, these energies will deplete and lessens each time I stop and say no more, I accept me for me. So I am slowly but surely walking, understanding, learning, and integrating the change I am realizing of myself and what I am capable of beyond anything my mind could have ever imagined me to be and I am grateful for myself and proud I have made this stand and am living it until it's done.

The mind as my thoughts, beliefs, ideas of myself always thought of me being less, bad, inferior, and thus I would compensate by forcing superiority, aggression, and jealousy on and towards others as abuse and myself as self abuse. Stopping the mind and the thoughts that generate such behaviors has supported me immensely to be a person of self integrity where I can stop and change myself to let go of these thought patterns and change to accept myself and see the change that is possible. Through this, one can become a pillar in ones world and reality, a support for others, as they see change and thus you are showing them through your living how to change, it becomes a garden of support that is grown from your self and out into your world and reality and grows and grows from a single seedling eventually into a forest seen from afar all within and through yourself and your stand as the principles of life in equality and oneness and doing what is best for all, this is the future of the world we all want to see develop, a place where our children are safe and we are all supported.

So Sue among others was an example for this point that help support me and see the change that I could gift myself through not going into competition and making it real through actually living it. The point is it's easy to think one is this, changed and supporting life, but it has to be proven in time and space through one's self honesty, so that is why I keep repeating the lived point, we have to live the change actually in reality for it to be real, that is what this process is for. As we push our boundaries from beyond what we think of ourselves and into living this change, our supposed boundaries will grow wider and wider until eventually there is no boundaries left and all we see is ourselves here living the change we saw we were capable of. Breath and support yourself in the process being walked at desteni to become beings of integrity through changing ourselves to go beyond the mind's beliefs, and into actual real physical change to be our highest potentials. Join us and let's walk.

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