Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 170 – Resistance to Change – Part 2 – Fear of No Money – Self Forgiveness

Here looking at the dimension of resisting change within process where I fear not having money and not being able to pay my bills on time, this fear is also a fear of losing my good standing in credit value, which is interesting as a hold a value of myself as a ‘good and savvy’ spender, and thus I don’t want to lose this status as I will have a hard time getting loans out. So to dig deeper within this point, it’s a fear of not being able to get a home or a car, or necessities I need easily, and having to struggle to get the comforts I will need to live a comfortable life, I fear struggling and not having money to survive.

But within this there is a practical way to walk this, were I can make decisions in awareness of all the different aspects I will face and make informed decisions based on what assessments I have made in common sense to work for me and also not compromise myself within my process of standing for life. I can walk this by stopping the fear, and making sure I walk the system as it is now, so I do have that stability in the future for when I need it so I can stand within my responsibilities and not be hindered by bad decisions I made in the past, such as buying a car that is more expensive then I need, and going with a common sensical decision that saves money and is also practically suitable for what I will need it for.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that fear of not having money and not being able to survive is not a reasonable point to allow to direct me as this is based on something that is not based on reality considerations but irrational reason fueled by energy as emotion as fear. I realize that there are practical steps I can take in common sense to assure that I am stable in the system, which require to walk steps within the system and co-operate with the system as it is now, but also can create myself in ways that support myself to stand up for a solution through the avenues of words and walking my process in visibility so others can learn and the message of equality and oneness with all life can grow.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to energize the fear of struggling and not having money through thoughts and pictures of me being on the street with no place to go, and accept these thoughts and pictures to scare me into a depressive state, where I go into a hopelessness that I will never make anything of myself, I am not going to be able to get a job to support myself and be able to live in a certain comfort ability and stability. I realize that this fear is irrational and only holding me within a petrification where I can't move myself physically as I am locked within the energy as fear as a negative emotion, I understand though that this emotion is in fact not real and doesn’t have to direct and control me, but I can walk through this fear and direct myself to support myself and the direction I take to always consider what is best for all and thus what will be best for myself through common sense assessment and walking principled in what's best.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to allow an emotion as fear create an outflow in my world in which I participated and thus made real within my living as a hopelessness in where I lived out this point by becoming depressed and walloping in this depressive state believing that I can not do anything for myself and that I am no good, when all the while I am doing nothing to support myself, wasting my time in a state that is made up in the mind, where I realize the solution is not in the mind but in my physical action within walking and moving myself physically in the direction that will support me into stability in my living day to day as well as moving in the overall process as myself in this world system, to function and become excellent within who I am as a living being in the service and honor of creating a world that will support all equal and give dignity to all by creating myself in this image and likeness through my actions and my words in practical avenues that is best for all life always.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as self interest in this desire to have a certain specific outcome in my living as comfortable and safe in which I desire this for myself over all within this world, I desire to have money so I can individually not suffer, while I participate and continue to exist and prosper off a system that allow billions to suffer daily. I realize and understand the deliberate brutality and ignorance I exist within to only look out for and desire my own special heaven within my safenet as money while there are others who go without. I then realize that this is unacceptable for me to be this way as I wouldn’t want this for myself hence the desire for survival as I understand everyone want to live, life is meant for living not suffering, and thus I see that I must walk the path to correction within each and every thought, word, deed I walk to be considerate of all the life it will effect and take into value the living consequence I will leave for myself and for all the life I am effecting, and so change myself so no one is abused or made to suffer in anyway I am able to prevent this through my own self will in awareness in my process to self perfection. So I walk the solution that is here through the self perfection process at desteni as well as the solution for the world system as the equal money system from birth.

Self Commitment statements for tomorrow's blog, thanks for reading.

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