Friday, September 6, 2013

What does the act of war say about us as a human civilization? - Day 343

It says a lot in how this life lives amongst each other, and that is that we don't know who we are, we are lost within ourselves, in our ideas of ourselves, our beliefs, our prejudices, our cultures, our fears, and then we ask what is it that will get us out of such a way of life as war. Obviously it is to stop such ideas, beliefs, prejudices, cultures, fears and come to agreements that can be lived by all for real in this physical reality. It has come to a point where we as a civilization are seeing war everywhere, on our lands, towards our people, towards our children, they are being gassed, blown up, shot at, shot through, poisoned, raped, murder, defiled, mutilated, enslaved, suffering, hungry, sick, thirsty, we are seeing it in our oceans, where fish and marine life are washing up by the thousands dead, we are seeing it in our forest and in nature where acres of old ancient trees and forest life are cut down for consumerism, we are seeing it to everyday living where millions of bees are found dead, hundreds of thousands of birds are falling out of the sky dead, and we ask why is this happening, why is so much atrocious things happening in our world? 

But we know why this is so, we see the results of our actions, we see what is driving this to continue, money, profit, business, capitalism, competition, greed, desire, all human induced and perpetuated, and so to stop this crimes against life and change it, we know that we as humanity have to stop and become the solution. This is stopping the war within ourselves, the competition with others, the living only to survive, stopping our thoughts from going into warring on others, and so we have to stop ourselves as war machines and become stable and able to direct ourselves in what will be best for all.

See we have been mind controlled through years of media propaganda of this 'idea' that there are enemies out there, and threats against 'our' country, but who are we really fearing, we have created this fear through the belief that there are others out there who are different then you and out to get you. But we realize that we are all the same, each person doesn't want to die, doesn't want to get gased or blown up, doesn't want war in their town or living place, we all eat, we all drink, we all sleep, and this is what is real. All other points that are allowed to continue are based on someone gaining while many lose, there is much that needs to be assessed and realigned as this has been going on for centuries, but if we keep it real, what is true, and bring life to equilibrium among all that live, then we can end war.

And those with the most will have the highest responsibility for change and bringing about solutions that will facilitate peace and equal life among all because we, those who have the most, have allowed ourselves to ignore the plight of others around us, ignored the pictures of death, suffering, murder, ignored our pockets getting bigger while others are pushed further into poverty and homelessness. We have ignored what is real, what matters, and this if not corrected within each one, their relationship to what is real, to what matters, and that is the life within each one that exist on this planet, then this life will be taken from us because we did not give to another as we wanted for ourselves. This is self evident and obvious because we can see within ourselves that we want life, we want this breath that gives us life each moment, but if we don't exist within a world where each one have this right to life as a space and support to live and breath each day without any point of struggle as this is not what one would want for oneself, then how can we expect this life, this breath to be continually given to self.

Each one know the truth within themselves, who you are and where you stand, and this is how it will be and should be, we are not owners of this planet earth, we are inhabitants, our mother the earth and our father the sky gives us life here unconditionally, we in return are asked to give to all as how we have been given, give equally, give all support, give all life that is the right of all that exist, and stop war. If war and it's propagating machines do not end, it will end us, it's common sense and evident in all avenues of our way of life today.

There are people that care, that are here, that are walking this process as giving as we would like to receive and are on the cutting edge to the solutions that will bring about life for all that is best, if you are interested and looking to support solutions that will end war and bring about a world where all are considered and all respected, check out the links below and support these initiatives to change. Support life as this is supporting yourself equal and one until it is done and life on earth is restored to it's natural order and balance. 

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