Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 297 – Self Judgment – Rejection and Blame – Self Corrections to Live

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When and as I see that I am facing this point of rejection within my world, I stop and breath, and realize that this is a point of my reality that I will have to face and transcend through realizing that it doesn’t have tochange anything about me, but I can assess within it who I am and how I live and thus come to a point ofsolution that will support me and the others involved. I realize fear and self judgment will only cause me to hide and move away from facing this rejection, which keeps me trapped in the pattern of self abuse.

I commit myself to when I see I am going into fear, breath and move into the point of facing this that I fear, what is it that I am fearing, and thus face this point of resistance so I can understand myself within it and correct that which is causing me to be separate from myself and the reality I am within.

I commit myself to stop the self judgment by letting go of the definitions I am holding of myself and thefeeling within rejection as this is not conducive to supporting me to understand what it is that is causing the movement within me of taking this rejection personally.

I commit to investigate this movement when it comes up within me of rejection, and see how I can change myself to not be by it and come up with solutions that will support myself and others that will be best for that moment.

When and as I see that I am going into self judgment and seeing myself as the result of my reality and thus defining myself by my reality or external feedback, I stop and breath, and realize that this self definition will cause me to become imbalanced as this is not done within self honesty and self awareness of life, but create within me a point of victimization and blame because I didn’t take responsibility for myself, but made it about others.

I commit myself to push self honesty within all moments of my interactions with others especially in blame through taking self responsibility for my actions and the change that I will need to walk, and thus support of my environment to become an equal and harmonious environment rather then leaving it up to the external and defining me by what happens through randomness.

I commit myself to define and direct myself within my own self will, self assessment, self movement, and self commitment to change through correcting myself through writing and living in self forgiveness and selfchange.

I commit to direct me within who I am and not leave it up to randomness as the external world, but become my own means of solution within taking care of myself and seeing others and the reality I am in in equalitythrough responsibility in seeing it to a solution that will be best.

When and as I see I go into taking the rejection of others personally and see myself less then others because of this, I stop and breath, and realize that this is not to be taken personally as it is a point of another rejecting me, and so I see I have the opportunity to help another see equality as what is real as life, and support to solutions.

I commit myself to breath through the desire to feel bad when I am rejected and stand within the realization that feelings are not real, they are creations of the mind, and thus take responsibility for myself to breath and not take it personal because it’s not personal, I decide who I am in each moment.

I commit myself to push myself to walk through all feelings within the positive and negative and commit to walk the practical solutions through letting go of feelings and seeing in reality what is common sense by slowing down and becoming aware of what is physically here.

I commit to practice identifying the solutions in what is best, and practicing letting go of all feelings of attachments the external reality, and walk the solution in what is best for all.

I commit to walk away and not push points when rejected if there is no awareness or understanding able to be reached to thus stop any potential conflict.

When and as I see I am going into a point of blaming another for being rejected, I stop and breath, and realize that this is self abdication and a point to push and investigate as I realize this is a point that I don’t want to face.

I commit myself to investigate each time I observe myself go into blame, so I can identify the trigger points, and walk the point of stopping that trigger point from directing me by taking responsibility and correcting the point within my world and thus within myself.

I commit myself to face myself within my resistances, and walk the best I am able to to push through these resistances and correct them into stability point within my world, so I can be stable and able to direct myself within common sense in the reality that is here to solution.

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