Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 309 – I am only Human

When we speak these words, ‘I am only Human’, it is said I find within myself in the point of justification for the actions or lack there of of common decency and living to my utmost ability. But what am I really saying here, I am saying that I accept and allow myself within the state of the way I am living in my world as excuse and justification, and I am living in abuse and in excuse because I simply don’t want to change. I don’t want to put in the effort of what it will take to eliminate this justification in words of ‘I am only human’ implying I can’t do any better then what I am living, when in reality I realize I am living nothing near my potential that I see I can be.

So one should as I will whenever this phrase comes up is to question the starting point of why this is being said, this specific statement of ‘I am only human’, and thus what am I justifying, what am I trying to excuse and push aside, and what is it that I am trying to hide from and not face. And then obviously, face self, find the points you are trying to hide through the tools that are available, and change self. I mean what is the point of being here if we don’t live and strive and push for the best we can be in this world, what are we doing here allowing and accepting the massive extinction and abuse to billions of living beings on this planet every moment when we have all the resources, know how, abilities, intelligence, everything we need, we just don’t have the will within us to change. These excuse such as the one listed in the title, is the slow death of ourselves as a species, if we don’t strive for change in excellence in living to our utmost potential, we don’t deserve to be here, we abuse in these excuses and annihilate the very planet that gives us lifeunconditionally.

So it’s to push through our limitations, and walk a point of correction through becoming self honest with ourselves, seeing where it is we are not living to our utmost potential and walking whatever it takes to change and correct this point to honor life and thus honor oneself through living there best in all they do.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the excuse ‘I am only human’ to justify my behavior of indecency and abuse to myself or another because I desired a point to possess me and did not want to control myself to walk a point of equality with that other, but instead chose to abuse and degrade myself to have what I desired to myself and have my satisfaction over others satisfaction.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the excuse of ‘I am only human’ to get out of points of facing myself in reality in what I have accumulated as consequence that wasn’t desired, and thus use this excuse to make light of what happened and make it less of an instance through using this as a valid excuse, where others are geared more to accept this and thus the point of responsibility of myself is abdicated as this excuse was accepted by myself, and thus I did nothing to correct myself and nothing changes, I continue to abuse.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to degrade and limit myself with this excuse of ‘I am only human’ when in reality I am the physical, the physical is what is real as life, and thus I am life and have equal and one opportunity to live this life as me to the utmost of my potential through aligning with the laws of the physical, that all is equal and all is one, and thus abusing this opportunity for self interest is not only a disgrace but is extremely foolish of me as I am giving up the life that is here for me to live and is who I am, I am not the mind as the mind is illusion and excuse and justification are used to protect the mind and thus abuse the physical because it is always in separation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to live for myself rather then look at the reality of who I am and correct myself to make sure all equally are considered within what I am doing and the environment I am in, so thus I stop abuse life due to not considering them, and thus I live self responsible for my actions by always considering others as I would myself in all environments I live in and interact with.

When and as I see myself go into the excuse of ‘I am only human’, I stop and breath, as I realize this is simply self abdication and justification to abuse life and degrade myself through living from self interest rather then life here in equality.

I commit myself to when I see I am walking this path to abuse and justify my actions, I stop immediately when I realize what I am doing, and implement the correction of common sense to do what is best for all.

I commit myself to find the point that I am trying to avoid and not face, and thus look at it in writing, and face the point within myself so I can clear it and stop the fear within it from directing me.

I commit myself to live this process to my utmost potential by pushing myself in my living, pushing myself in my writing, and pushing myself in my correction in aligning with life as equal and one to myself and living this in my reality always in consideration of what will be best for all life.

I commit myself to stop my self interest through letting go of the desires to escape and thus face myself through the process I am walking of self forgiveness and self correction.

I commit to flag point when I see I am going into escapism with excuses such as ‘I am only human’ and breath to realign with the physical and walk the point I am trying to avoid. 

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