Thursday, December 5, 2013

What Have I learned so Far about the Mind? Day 358

Featured art 'Paranoia' By: Andrew Gable 
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For a long time I was seeing the mind as the problem, the enemy, the evil doer within the creation and consequence we have become within this world and reality as the human being and so myself. I wanted within this process to put the blame onto the mind, it is the one creating all this consequence that we are seeing day in and day out as the mental state and processes that create the way in which we live in this world, come on, ‘I am the victim within all of this because I didn’t know any of this was happening, I didn’t personally do any of this, I wasn’t a part of creating this mess’. Really? I realize and see though now that I have walked through this point and applied self honesty within it, that this world, the abuses, my life, and the mind is my creation, I indirectly or directly accepted and allowed it to be and continue the way it has. And in my personal experience, I alone have created and accepted the current way I am experiencing my physical body and my self experience.

The mind is not to blame just like no being is to blame for the way I am living and experiencing myself, so this realization is a great tool I have been given and gifting to myself to bring the point through that I am responsible for everything, starting with my life and eventually moving to the greater of life here on earth. If I continue to blame the mind and be spiteful, I will miss myself within it and so miss my opportunity to change myself to really be able to direct the mind to a way in which I created through self awareness and directing myself to this outcome because the mind in and of itself is a guide for us humans who dare walk to the physical, to life, to birth ourselves as life as the physical, the mind is a gift of immense support and assistances in walking this process to be life in equality and oneness with everything that exist.

What I have realized is that because of my abdication to the mind and the feeling experiences it generated for me and I desired to experience in my life, I allowed the mind to take me where it did without question as I allowed the distractions it used such as excitement or feeling good about myself to go unchecked and thus it ran amuck. When you allow the imbalance of oneself go unchecked within points that is creating unwanted consequences, you realize eventually it will end bad and will not in all probability be a outcome you will benefit from.

So I am starting to see within my process that the mind is actually a gift because it is showing me in a real life day to day walk with and as it where I am ‘weak’ and need to strengthen my resolve through showing me how I separate and abuse myself and others. And self forgiveness and self correction is the icing on the cake so to speak because these tools allow you the opportunity to change and direct yourself through taking responsibility and create an outcome of benefit and balance. The mind is a tool and is a part of each one, but it’s not without responsibility, we can no more allow the abdication of ourselves as this belief that we are ‘lesser beings’ or ‘we don’t know any better’ or ‘it’s justhuman nature to destroy and abuse’ because it’s simply not the truth, we can see and do realize what we are doing in these moments of self abuse and abuse of others, we understand that there is a decision within the split moment before we act, but we give in to the minds energies and re-act to what’s happening rather then take action and direct the situation into a solution.

So it’s all here I have realized, there is really no excuses, I am now grateful after walking the understanding and realizations that I had just wrote to give myself and so this world the opportunity as part of being life to change and stand as a principled being just like nature, the animal kingdom, and create myself to be a being that can be trusted and so help create the solution that is so needed in this world to change for the betterment of all. I suggest to listen to the animal series on eqafe to understand this principled living they are standing as as a being that is one and equal to all life in fact in the physical living of themselves and all together in this physical existence. We must use these messages as gifts and learn from them, so we can understand and so change ourselves to be able to live in harmony with each other and not only that but with ourselves, and change this world to be a place of support and living beauty where all are enjoying and we are living to our fullest potential in each of our own unique self expressions.

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