Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What does it mean to walk in anothers shoes? - Day 360

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This question I have been asking myself for some time now because within my living I have not been satisfied with the way I am treating my fellow life beings, I am still easily falling into reactions, mind patterns, and backchats of justification to ensure I slid through and escape the reality of who I have become in my day to day living.  I found a lot of the time I am participating in the thought stream of what is going on up in my head, and not doing enough questioning and investigating, but actually accepting it and living it as fact. But in my awareness, I realize and see something is amiss, I am allowing a point of dishonesty to easily to continue to direct me and I see it is based on fear. I am afraid to allow people to get in and disrupt what I am doing in my life, my work flow, my money flow, and my freedom. I don’t want to give up any of what I am doing at the moment and especially don’t want to give up my freedom and expression of independence and purpose I have created now for myself.

So I will go into my day for instance with the notion that I am on a set course and I am on the right course, I know what I am doing and I don’t require anyone’s help or getting involved in my affairs, not really ever slowing down and smelling the roses so to speak, but really moving fast from one moment to the next to the next, always busy, always moving, always going on to the next thing. I move quite quick within my day, from one point to the next, always having something planned and set to do, and from this springs new opportunities and new moments to explore and this is what I live for, I really enjoy the movement of life and how I move within it. So that I would say is a cool thing, I am able to move with life, but the point that is misaligned is how I see others and how I see myself in relation to them. I often am moving so fast and so headstrong within whatever it is I am doing, I don’t realize and see the effect I am having on others, I also don’t consider my words carefully and will at times say things that I later go what? Why did I say that? That was so inconsiderate or harsh or rude? And what I do is that I just say what first comes to mind and not consider the effect that it will have on the other, like I can’t see the other or feel them because I am not equal to them because I am not in the physical, I am in my mind which is based in self interest and illusion only, so I hurt others, and create unnecessary consequence.

So here is the point that I want to start investigating and establishing a point of change for myself especially in slowing down because one of the problems is that I am too much in my mind, in my thoughts and in my plans, and not seeing and really physically living in my body, in my movements, in my breath, in my interactions with others, and through this slowing down, see others, hear them, and apply the tools of self forgiveness and self change real time. This will support with grounding myself in what is happening in reality in interactions for instance, and so can start once I have proven I can change and give proper support in self honesty, I can start moving in the support of another through taking responsibility of myself and so the other in what I can do to support what is best for all. Meaning connect with them as how I would want to be talk to or engaged, but also expand myself to go beyond my personalities, my comfort zones, my beliefs, and my ideas of myself to create the change or start of change that I want for myself and so for others in the principles of living equality and oneness and doing what is best in each moment.

Putting myself in others shoes is a point of letting go of the positive and/or the negative outflows I am addicted to, and standing in the physical as the moment that is here, and walking the process to let go of the thoughts, and expand myself into becoming humbled and so vulnerable to really see the other and make a real connection to further the relationship into something worthwhile and can an expansion of going beyond the ordinary and living the extraordinary, bringing myself and so others to this point of expression is the greatest gift I could give and is given to me equally when walked in what is best here as life through self awareness.

Self forgiveness to follow on fear, positive/negative impulsed actions, moving quick in mind/body, desiring a reward, desiring to win, competition, freedom, being stubborn, holding onto ideas in the mind of past moments, and gossip; also desiring perfection without compensating and hiding the reality of the imperfection within....thanks for reading.

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