Saturday, October 19, 2013

What will it take to Co-Exist in this World? – Day 353

I just read an article about the point of party division within America, basically saying that there are two Americas within the America we all know, and they cannot co-exist together. This being expressed through the identification of the ‘red’ states and ‘blue’ states, the republicans and the democrats we so easily conform too especially come election season. But is this actually so? Are we as a country of human beings and for that matter a world of human beings really not able to co-exist? I realize that this saying is said half-heartedly so to speak, but if you have a look at our words specifically here this is indeed what is happening, we are divided and not able to functionally co-exist as many are struggling to survive.

And so here it’s an important point to consider and realize that the words we speak creates our lives, our society, our cultures, our politics, our relationships, and so our reality as the words we speak will eventually become who we are cause our life is created by our words, no? If you observe yourself in this context over time you will see how true this really is. So it is important I have found to be very specific and direct within the words I speak because I want to be the most effective person I can be to help solve problems and so I realize I have to be specific and equally as effective within the words I speak as this will be who I will be and live as. As we can see with this saying, ‘we have two Americas and they cannot co-exist’, we are actually saying, ‘we have this land and we are currently living on it together not effectively, where our system of living creates division and thus suffering for the many rather then an existence of enjoyment for all’, so we can see within this we are not living one of the fundamental truth's and principles of life as to ‘love thy neighbor as ourselves’ as our current words we are speaking is not living this fundamental principle in fact, and so I am asking the question here, why not and so how to change this?

This is not lived based on a key acceptance and that is currently the media is controlled by money and power, and so has an agenda where they only focus on these issues being publicized, which is fueling this division we are seeing in our system as indicated above in the article. What many have not realized is that we are actually being energized through the mind on these issues and fighting for 'our' right, but not realizing that in the end 'our' right will always create a winner and thus many losers in this case. Focusing on issues such as the pro-life or pro-choice debate, big government vs. small government, gay rights, pro-guns vs. against guns, these issues being impossible to create unity within because they are based on what people THINK (mind based) about it rather then actually looking at what it will take to create unity in physical reality (real life conditions based), the practical steps to create this solution of the co-existence of all direct and within physical considerations.

What I want to point out is that what will create an environment for co-existing within this world is grounding ourselves to create the conditions necessary to live in decency through practical and common sense solutions that will be best for all. Putting aside beliefs and how you think people should live, and only solely basing our co-existing on the physical conditions necessary to live in this world. Because yes, there are going to be some things in this world that you may not agree with, but this will have to eventually within yourself as well as the whole be investigated and researched to consider is this a point that will support everyone physically and if not why am I holding on to it and what do I want to gain from this? Also, an important factor that must be taken into consideration is the origin point and core points to why we as humans do certain things that cause a division within life, what is it that makes one look only at self rather then considering the whole, which will in turn support oneself always anyway, and are you willing to give up your beliefs for instance to create a place where all can co-exist in this physical world and thus where we create a world of peace. These will be trying times within this development and growth of us as humanity individually speaking and as a whole because we can't keep existing this way as we are destroying the earth. So we have to literally move ourselves to take responsibility, to change ourselves to unity in the principles that will be best for all or we will end as our time here on earth is not infinite within this physical reality without consideration of this fact of 'we are all physically here' in all its outflows and consequences. It is this critical.

So basically my point here is that if we create our communities and the support for the people within these communities from a foundation of what is physically necessary to live, what physical matters in life, then we can start to build ourselves through our words, communication, and relationship to be a foundation of support, assistance, care, and decency to create a life for all that is indeed best and fulfills the principle of life of 'love thy neighbor as thyself' seeing self and all as equals essentially. So we can really examine and correct these points that create divisions in our lives to re-evaluate what it will take to create an effective human being and so an effective living system in this world. All these considerations of what physically matters in creating a world that is best for all through our living system is overdue, it’s definitely about time as we see the world around us through the human beings living is crumbling slowly, but surely.

Greed and self interest will have to be transcended as well because there is enough in this world and we are in fact equal as life, we just have to learn to live this, share and care for and with each other, the same as what I tell my three year old niece, 'share and care with everyone'.  We have to learn to become like children, back to innocences as they don’t see lines, division, beliefs, or ideas, but the physical world they are aligned within through their physical bodies, like they are one with it and expressing purely as it. Quite magnificent indeed to observe and our living example and truth of who we can be and are in fact if we just live it. These solutions and more of how to live in the physical and co-exist are being developed and proposed within the Living Income Guarantee through the Equal Life Foundation.

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