Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why have we created a scenario in this world where there is not enough? - Day 354

We see this in many actually I would say all areas in our lives, there is simply not enough, not enough funding for our schools, there is not enough homes for the homeless, there is not enough food to feed the hungry, there is not enough information to cure our diseases, there is not enough time to do our responsibilities, there is simply not enough of anything to fulfill anything within this world to function properly. I mean this is what we are saying as we look around at our society and way of living, no? When there is schools that close down, when there are people living on the streets, when there is people going hungry, when there is deaths from diseases, when there is people losing there jobs, people who can’t read and write, people being sold into slavery, people dying to live, people suffering every moment……..we say ‘man there is just not enough’.

I am sorry to say but if we base life from the physical, what is needed and how to give it to all in an equally valued manner within the best outcome for all involved, this equation will create a win - win scenario for all and so start to create a world of peace. Having our starting point within ourselves and so within society of doing what is best for all will end the not enough excuse before it has time to pass through our vocal cords because we realize and see the deception we have lived as this excuse as there is enough, there's enough food, enough resources, enough money, enough homes, we just need to allocate the system to be fair, transparent, and for what is best for everyone here equally.

The people and solutions are here to bring about change, so it's each one's responsibility to change themselves and align with the people that are walking this as well. Obviously, the solutions exclude no one, but you are the one who will exclude yourself through the way you live and how you define yourself and others. There is always a consequence to our actions, and it's not a good or bad thing, it is simply a consequence based on one's actions through time, let's make our time count and all stand together as one in the solutions that will enable and support all life to indeed have a life where there is always enough because we as the human beings created it this way.

Who will walk the solutions that are here will birth as life and thus be life, this the greatest gift one can give oneself and the greatest service one can gift to others, life begets life and this is the only thing in fact that is real. Find out more about equal life and doing what is best for all through solutions such as the Living Income Guarantee by the Equal Life Foundation. We are not powerless and have all the capabilities to change the world, what has not been lived is the equal value of all life that exist on this planet, we honor life we then equally honor ourselves because we are all equally valued as we are all life.

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