Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weakening of the Physical through the Mind - Self Commitments to Live - Day 337

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Weakening the Physical through the MInd - Day 335

When and as I see myself go into a inflexibility and suppressing my expression, I stop myself and breath, and realize that in this moment that I am going into suppression, I am allowing the mind to take over my directive will and direct me into the polarity of inferior/superior play out through the cycle of happy/sad, and thus accept and allowing my external to influence who I am on the internal, realizing that i no longer have to live in this way because I realize who I am, I am life and am the directive principle of myself and realize that I can direct myself into all life ibeing equal and one in what is best for all. 

I commit myself to not accept myself to go into the mind when I see a fear come up of others and thus I commit to breath and continue to express myself and accept myself as equals within and as each moment as what is happening as I see within the moment to be expressed, pushing to see reality direct in what is actually happening.

I commit myself to move my physical to bring me back to the physical through breathing and looking around the room, become here within myself and aware ofmy body and not allow thoughts of suppression and compromise to accumulate.

I commit to stop my mind from directing me into self judgment and judgment of others by not allowing these thoughts to continue, and stopping them as soon as I see them come up.

When and as I see myself go into a fear of another or what others are thinking of me, I stop and breath, and realize that this is all in my head I am making these thoughts and fears up within me where I don't know what others are thinking and thus there is no need to fear, as I can direct myself within and as who I am, I don't need others to tell me who I am, I have to stand within myself and direct myself to be able to direct as the directive principle to create this who I am, self create me as life, I must walk my own self stability and stop being directed by the external world of who I am. 

I commit myself to breath and not accept myself to go into thoughts of what others are thinking as I realize it's completely illusionary and not relevant.

I commit myself to breath and stop fear as there is no need to fear, I face my fears and walk that which I fear walking to show I can walk it and that it is in fact all in my head, using common sense of course in terms of physical fear, (like not stepping in front of a car or moving bus).

When and as I see I am becoming inflexible within my movement and self direction, i stop and breath, and check what is gong on within me that i am suppressing and not expressing myself freely here as breath.

I commit to move myself through this inflexibility and remain steadfast to walk through all the points where i m still showing inflexibility and correct the patterns through writing the tools and living it and practice expressing freely here as breath in consideration of all as equals.

I commit myself to accept myself and accept my expression, and stop the judgment, and remain walking the perfection process of who I am and so be able to stand here alone and as all as one and equal.

I commit to walk the process of letting go of me as my personality, me as fear, me as the mind definition of limitation, me as a name, I commit myself to walk to the self that is here as a whole and individualized to ensure what is best is life and this is in fact so within self until it is done. 

When and as I see myself less then others and that I am weakened, I stop and breath, and realize this is my mind in self defeatism and self sabotage to not have to walk what I have to face, I realize that this is not who I accept myself to be and I must continue to persevere and face myself through accepting who I am and continuing on the path of correcting myself until I live equal and one to the physical as breath. 

I commit to stop compromising myself through judgments. 

I commit to stop competition with others as this is not real as I am competing with myself as we are equals here as the physical and thus all one.

I commit to stop comparing myself to others as its useless and irrelevant cause self is all that exist.

I commit to not accept the mind in separation as who I am, and walk the correction to stop the mind in seperation and align myself with life and direct myself in this way here as the breath in physical reality.

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