Saturday, August 17, 2013

What Does it Mean to Walk Process and Never Give Up? - Day 333

I have found in my process a resolved strength within me based on my decision to never give up because I know through this decision that no matter what happens and what I face I will walk through it and find a solution. Now this doesn't mean that my process or the points I had faced or will face will be any easier, it simply means that I have a clarity within me and thus a simpler way of walking my process because I already know the decision I will take in all instances that may or might occur, and that is that I will never give up on myself and see it through to a solution or stability. Through this decision and living it for some time now, I have gained trust in myself because I have proven to myself that I can live this by actually living it and walking through some tough points. 

I am not done of course, I have much to walk, but this stand within myself has supported me immensely to see each point I face through and not allow myself to get sucked into the mind in self pity or self defeatism.  I have found this decision to be solid within me because of the respect I have of life and truth I see as self evident in the principles of life in who we are as one and equal to each other as the flesh, and the obvious creation this will bring forth if/when we as a group as humanity live this with each other and for each other never giving up on ourselves until all is one and equal as life. This takes a dedication within self and this application of never giving up is the living out of this dedication to in the face of the untruth which is our world of abuse and dishonor of life, to continue in the resolve that one day the truth of who we are as one and equal will be the natural order of how we live and I as life have changed to be a person that respect and honor life one and equal to how I would want to be respected and honored.   

This application of never giving up I have decided upon ensures within me the inevitability of change, and I have already seen and witnessed this within my process because over time eventually change occurs. And I have fallen many times in many points this is how it is, but the point is that I always continue on and never give up. So when you find yourself at a point that you feel like you just can't go on, it's too much, you can't do this anymore, this is where the decision of this application to never give up will be useful especially because even when it does get tough, the direction forward is clear, you will not give up, ok done, I know what I have to do, I continue, I use the tools, I forgive myself, I see the change that is needed, and I move on. 

Another helpful application I have applied in my process within points that seem tough or I fall in is the application of not judging myself for the fall and simply continue to move on, this also applicable to the decision to never give up because within this you will fall and you will see it is very difficult at times to get back up, but it's important to learn and accept yourself when this point of falling because it will happen many times, it's part of learning and change. And once the point has moved meaning I have found a stability again after the fall through breathing and when the energy release, I go 'ok, what happened there, why did I fall?' And then I find the points that I fell on or was dishonest within, and I walk the tools of self forgiveness, and I give myself the understanding to walk it through to correction and eventually it sticks, and I have changed.

So along with living self honestly, breathing as a stability, writing in self forgiveness and self introspection, and changing my living, my decision to never give up on myself and life here in what is best for all that I/we are walking remains here always within me and as me as I continue walking my process to life. And so never giving up on myself essentially has been a solid support for me to know that this process in a sense is already done, I just have to keep walking until I/we get there, when that is is irrelevant because it will be, so that's ok, I am ok, and I just keep walking because I realize I will never give up on myself and so I will be who I am as this statement until it is done. 

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