Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pills over Berries, are We Blind and Dumb? - Day 334

We have developed a trust so completely within the medications and the chemicals we put into our body as the cure for all, not considering or really ever doing researching on what the effects of these chemicals will have on the body all the while the reality is showing adverse effects. I am not saying that there all medications are harmful and bad, but that we rely too much on what corporations create for us rather then what the earth provides for us unconditionally as our natural mother. We don't use what makes sense as natural products and build from this for our physicals, but chose these chemical's created in competition and survival to be used for healing, allowing cut throat production, which creates holes and weakness in the product only for the benefit of a few to make a lot of money to use as our remedies. Animals and plants use nature for it's growth, substance, and living source, but we as humans do a real incoherent thing, we bottle things up, put a price tag on it, and make it about the value and worth of the now created product rather then the actual health and life that is being effected within the moment these products enter the body and start effect and creating consequence within the organic and biological chemistry that is functioning in real time every moment of breath.

This lack of concern of the consequence on life in what we consume not only falls within medications, but also the foods we eat and the liquid we drink, consuming man made chemicals designed to create feeling and experience within the person rather then the consequences it will have on the physical and how it will effect it adversely or beneficially using trickery and sly marketing tactics. Consuming food that has been genetically modified, drinking liquids that creates holes in bone, eating fast food that has unknown fibers within it unable to be identified, all of this in the news recently, I mean why do we allow and accept consumption on any kind with our bodies that is not to it's benefiting it and knowingly causing harm and preventable diseases create weakened human beings. Never mind the abuse and suffering we are causing to the animals we consume, test on, and sell as well as the raping and annihilation to the earth for the ever growing demand of the resources that is most definitely finite in it's limits.

Suggest to watch these documentaries for more on the deception within the food industry and pharmaceutical companies for profit:
Big Bucks, Big Pharma - Documentary
Food, Inc.
The Century of the Self - About Psychological Manipulation of the Masses

But unfortunately we do this on a daily basis, we accept and allow ourselves to consume for pleasure, for feeling good, for an experience of enjoyment, but in the end what is physically happening to the body is harm, abuse, and decay eventually and the harm, abuse, and decay of our environment and the natural world as well as the animals, plants, and the ocean life. And this is not something that happens quick, the sickness, disease, or weakness in the body and our world, it takes years to manifest, but sooner or later it will in deed manifest and create a too late scenario because we did not want to see the truth of reality and thus the truth of ourselves, we are abusive and don't take responsibility for the consequences we create as such.

And this suffering is all preventable, we can live in a way that is a mathematical certainty of creating the best life for everyone, through equality and oneness and doing what is best for all. Their are foods we know and understand that if are eaten will create a balance in the body, the natural foods that create substance and benefit to the body as well as ways to create things that is balance with nature and the resources she provides. But unfortunately we don't utilize these natural substance to heal and benefit the body and create systems that is best for all life, we have allowed the corporations and the elite in this world to take over and dump us on a pile of human created shit, our shit as we created this shit that is here, and if we don't clean this shit up, we are in for some serious shit that will create the end of us. If it's not obvious by now, this is our last life to make this a place that is best or we perish as we have not given the life that was given to us, thus we don't deserve life, we have squandered our chance to be life. So this is our final decision, will you be part of the solution and stand with equal life and the equal money system in the interim solution as the living income guarantee or will you be part of the problem and end at death, the decision is for you to make and walk, so make your life count and live what is best for all because that is what will be best for you always.

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