Saturday, June 29, 2013

Why BIG? – Implementing the Basic Income Guarantee in to Capitalism - Day 321

Within this world as we see there is some currently who are able to live and thrive, and there are others who are not. This ability to thrive is due to the income and money one has accumulated for oneself and one’s family, and currently most of the people in this world dont have this basic right, income to accumulate to live.  And we all deserve the right to live and thus an income because we are all the same, we all breath the same air, eat the same food, drink the same water, and have the same basic necessities we need to buy to continuing living here on this planet. So not one person can say this is not so or not fact because this is a self-evident point of life that can not be denied.

The way in which our society and system has been directed and governed has been based solely on the principle of survival and self interest, and this has been so through specific allocation and direction of where the income goes. The income only going to a select few, while most are struggling and suffering on a daily basis because this point of life as income is not guaranteed. The reason it is not being guaranteed is because of greed within the human. The point of greed will have to be sorted out within oneself and it will take a matter of will to walk through these points and transcend them to be eventually free from greed. This is already being done by many within the desteni group, for support start with the Desteni I Process Lite Course , its supportive for self realization and it's free. 

So we see within our society that we do have the ability to have the capital to give all an income, I mean, there is enough money, intelligence, resources, these things have never been the problem, the problem has been intent of the human race, our starting point to what we do. The interesting thing is that when we implement this point for all to be able to have a basic income guaranteed and thus implying as our starting point that ALL are recognized, we will create the conditions for the possibility of a heavenly earth, in the means of paradise like living. This only being born through an equality with all life, which the Basic Income will state if implemented on a global scale.

Now, currently in our capitalist system, there are those who have much power and control and this mainly through corporations, but behind those corporations is humans, so it’s important to not go into blame or abdication towards others such as the elite, corporations, and politicians for example, but to understand the point that we have created what is here today, all of us together, and thus we have the power to change it because we are the creators. We throughout time either directly or indirectly created the conditions of this world through not standing up to the atrocities or directly being part of creating them, yes, this is our history, but we have the opportunity now to correct this way of life, we have the time, we can forgive ourselves and move on and correct this world by implementing what will be best for all.

This forgiveness through the principles of oneness and equality, this is the strongest force that can stand, it has been proven through mathematical calculations, through the simple point of you are as strong as your weakest point, and if your weakest point is in equal part to all, then that will not make that point weak, but equal, which is the strongest and most stable point we can get to especially in society. So in the case that there is a point where some are not getting an equal wage for instance, they will be our weakest point and our consequence as we are currently facing now. And those who are not getting an equal wage will end up on the streets resorting to crimes in desperation for survival creating the fear and hate scenarios we see in this world today. Also, when there is an equal wage for all many crimes against humanity will be on the way to an end, such as slave labor or wars or pornography because implementing the basic income grant, a sense of equality has already been established within a realization of self to care for the other, and thus this will start to spread to all parts of our life where the correction process will then start accumulating and taking effect.

The basic income grant or BIG will create the platform to implement an equality of sorts in this world that should already be here, we recognize this within the creation of the bill of rights and so we all can understand this to be so, humans have rights to life and thus it's time we start protecting them. The BIG point can be implemented through the national governments of this world through nationalizing the corporations and business that are already in place using the earths resources, and by creating through the profit being made an understood and livable income to be given to all who are within an allotted area. Then from there one can work and buy from the corporations that support the Basic income grant and the economy and corporations will benefit equally as the people buying and working for these companies will support these corporations and business to create profit, and where jobs will be created and money will be circulated to keep the economy strong.

So it’s a way we currently can implement with the capital that we create to work for all and work for the businesses that are already here, there will of course need to be shifts in principles within what is being done now from inequality to equality, but this is all possible. And when the world is supported and all are able to live, then we can start really expanding ourselves, our creativities, and get out of this gutter rot we are currently living in, having most of the world rot while the elite get to live, and build a society of honor and integrity and who respects all life. It’s time to stop the violations of human rights and bring about changes for all to live decently in this world as a right that all are endowed with at birth and should be the first point of guarantee, support BIG where this will be possible in our lifetime.

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