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The Happy Human and Our Superficial Escape – Day 317

So in my last blog I looked at the word superficiality on a more individual level, here I will be looking at the consequence of superficiality through the more global platform and the effect it has on nature, our environment, and ourselves. Superficiality by definition through means:

1. Of, affecting, or being on or near the surface: a superficial wound.
2. Concerned with or comprehending only what is apparent or obvious; shallow.
3. Apparent rather than actual or substantial: a superficial resemblance.
4. Trivial; insignificant:

We on a global level participate and thus agree on this capitalistic system, which is kept going based on the superficiality of the consumer, equaling the human, this is not good because there are innumerable amounts of death and suffering to humans, animals, and nature.  The superficiality of the human being only cares about there own self interest, and we can see this as evidence within our world through the continents of people suffering of starvation, hunger, extreme poverty, war, genocide, and many other atrocious acts of crimes against life that is all being done in front of our faces, but we don't want to do anything about it because we allow self interest or superficiality to distract us.

This is a willed action, we all know what is here, we all see the diminishment of our society, security, and living standards no matter what bracket of living you fall under, but those with money can use it to deny, look away, become distracted by superficial means and thus not have to change. We like to care more about celebrities then the children in this world suffering and dying on a day to day basis. This a top news story today on the DailyMail website, "'OMG, it's William and Harry!' Excited Royal fan is almost overcome after she snaps princes at charity polo match" with a picture of the two 'princes' smirking at the fan, and we as humanity like to say ‘we have evolved’ and ‘we are an intelligent race’, but given the true evidence of our actual world, the actual way in which all parts of society are living, it is the stark opposite. We are cruel, ignorant, and ruthless beings, and use the excuse of shallowness as superficial distractions to continue on our drive only to care about 'me'.

Superficiality in this world today is basically our consumerism market, the beauty image, the love image, the traveling image, the high tech image, the sexy image, the athletic image, the skinny image, the stylish image, all these images selling a feeling and experience that pulls on the human’s desire strings to think ‘oh, if I have those shoes then I will be sexy!’ or ‘oh, if I have that tennis racquet, I will be the best tennis player!’ or ‘oh, if I go to that place, I will be so peaceful’ or ‘oh, if I get that phone then I will be the coolest!’, where the marketing and advertising industries of this world deliberately create a desire for more within the viewer as they know that the human will fall for the experience rather then the actual fact of where this product is coming from, how in fact it is created, and what life it is effecting. (Recommend watch for Psychological Manipulation and Consumerism - The Century of the Self)  

Thus through the guise of superficiality we are accepting and allowing ourselves to not care about the countless lives that are being effected because they have to slave to survive. Here we have the pope saying, "Living on 38 euros ($50) a month - that was the pay of these people who died (He is speaking about the recent factory collapse in Bangladesh), that is called slave labor. How many brothers and sisters in the world are in this situation because of these economic, social and political policies? Social, political and economic systems have made a choice that signifies exploiting the individual. Work is fundamental to the dignity of a person. I think of how many, and not just young people, are unemployed, many times due to a purely economic conception of society, which seeks selfish profit, beyond the parameters of social justice. " (Source:

So here within the pope's words, he is recognizing the fact that the slave labor in this world is obviously a crime against humanity, and he is also recognizing that the cause of slave labor in this world and reality is our global economic system and policies we have in place within the structure of the capitalism system of the premise of 'survival of the fittest'.  And so yes, I agree with him on these points - the slave labor in this world is unacceptable and the cause of this inequality is our money system, the problem where I am seeing is the superficiality of these words he speaks and thus he represents within the catholic church. The church claims to be the number one charity giver in the world, so thus the next obvious question is why have they not been leaders in this point of equal rights for all through a system change to be fair and make sure all are supported. The church alone has billions of dollars they have accumulated over the centuries and yet have made no significant change in the living conditions in this world, but actually stood to perpetuate the problem. If they where serious about this change, they would have realized the common sense in that charity as a solution is not working, and so would stand as a leader for what is being proposed by the equal money system. Ending slave labor and all violations to life is not rocket science, it takes common sense reasoning and practical real world problem solving to do, but to the superficial mind as human, it is not even a second thought. 

So when looking at what you have and desiring more, and within this using excuses and justification within a superficial starting point, consider for a moment yourself in the other persons shoes, the person who has nothing and has to work in horrendous conditions and for inhuman hours, and see that we need a change, a solution that will bring about a real change and a world that is indeed best for all.

Here is some Facts to help you see what is here as slave labor conditions:

- In 2007, a case of crucifixes purchased by St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York were traced back to a factory in China where girls as young as 15 were forced to work up to 19-hour days, seven days a week to manufacture the religious items. Today, Christian items from bible covers to t-shirts are being made in factories which abuse and traffic workers.

- Slavery in the strawberry harvesting industry happens around the world. In one case in the U.S. last year, thirty Mexican workers were enslaved harvesting strawberries in Louisiana.

-In Malawi, 78,000 children, some as young as five, work 12-hour days to produce cigarettes
-Those Christmas decorations from Walmart? Twelve year olds working 100 hour weeks in China for less than half of even their paltry minimum wage!

-That shimmer in your eye shadow? It is a mineral called mica. Much of the world’s mica comes from India, where children as young as six labor long and hard for a single meal of rice. Their labor is what fuels the Western cosmetic industry.

-A 7-year-old boy works all day, every day, in a balloon factory in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. He and 19 other children work 12-hour days, 7 days a week, for about $2.14 per week.
(Fact Source:

Documentaries on effects of Consumerism and Superficiality I suggest to view:


The solution for this point of using superficiality to hide away or escape the collective consequence we have created here of abuse to all areas of life in this world is to first on a self individual level - walk a process of self purification through self introspection, self understanding, self forgiveness, and self correction within a point of writing and changing oneself (For support with this process of change, please check out Desteni I Process - Lite Course) This to stop only seeing what money can buy me, but to see reality for how it really is, how it is being lived by every being who brought that product into creation, and support the change that is needed for this to end, you can start by investigating the Equal Money System and the Equal Life Foundation. This Equal Life outcome if all take responsibility for themselves and change to be a person that respect all others equal to self, then we can start making this reality a real substantial place of integrity and thus opportunity for real growth in self expression and freedom for all.

This self responsibility will have to be incorporated on all levels of our system so through the business sector as well, where the corporations and businesses will have to purify themselves and live from principles of equality of life, bringing back the balance of what they take they must give back in equitable measure and making sure that all the life they touch is considered. This to ensure the continuation of all life and the respect and care that is needed within this delicate dance that nature and the inhabitants among her must learn to balance and walk this within what is best for all always.
So we must take care of those who are now seen as the ‘have not’s’, and so be there voice until life is restored back to it's natural order equal and one.


When life becomes balanced and life is seen for the purpose within itself as self expression instead of the desire for a point of self interest, life will then become natural meaning we will be aligned with nature = life and that is the highest gift we can give ourselves, and so once lived we will live in joy. And thus the obvious reward for a life were all live in equality with life/nature and so consider everyone the same as yourself, we will have real lasting peace, a place to really take a deep breath and feel secure, feel safe, and feel stable where ever our feet are placed on this earth. Peace within life is what is the reward of living equal with all life, and as a guy said to me today, 'we all want peace', yes, but we must live it. Join us @equalmoney and @equallifefoundation.

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