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Why are Words Important and What Do they Imply?– Day 327

Words, I have recently realized the importance of words within our lives and our living environments. We use words all the time, it’s how we communicate who we are and our expressions with others. I am currently on the desteni farm and words is very much emphasized within how we live them and speak them within our starting point of when we use them. Words have a directive principle within and as them that ripples within the receiver of the words and beyond that as the receiver will integrate the word and then from there it will travel from person to person through the process of communication and perception. Words though within how we speak them now are based on many energy charges such as the emotional or feeling connections we can put to words. For example, the word food, there is a point we can all define this word as within our own individual worlds, such as “food is so good”, “I enjoy exploring different versions of food”. Or another person can see food as a problem and have a negative relationship to food that creates a resistance to it. But within the purpose and meaning of the word food, it's direct physical purpose, it’s a point of giving the physical body nourishment to live.

So we don’t much look at our meanings to words and what attachments are connected to the words we use, which is quite strange because these words can cause so many problems, conflicts, and fights and do in our worlds. This happening when one person communicating to another person has different meanings, experiences, and associations attached to the word they use that will be different from what the other person receiving the words experience, associate and give meaning to, which will create a point of misunderstanding and misdirection within the two communicating for instance. This often can happen in relationship scenarios where the partners can often misinterpret the meaning of a word or hold a different definition to the place holder of the word in there mind that is different to the partner speaking, and because there is no communication between the two about re-defining words and making them a directive decision from both partners cooperation, their will be always miscommunication cause essentially the two of you from even one word are coming from two different worlds of meaning that will cause resistances and friction within the communication and thus the living of you two together.

So it’s interesting that we have not seen this simple solution within our world of creating universal meanings for words within which we live that are agreed upon, but this can be done starting within a partnership with another. It will take time, dedication, and much discussion to come to a direct agreeable meaning to a word, but there is a process being developed and can be applied within the Agreement Course and Desteni I Process courses that will be of great value for you if you see the importance of how words define who we are and direct our worlds.

There are methods developed through the courses mentioned above that redefine words to be established and created to be able to live the words here in reality in their direct practical purpose, and stop the past attachments and energy charges to the words we use within our world from directing us and controlling the way we feel about them. We use self forgiveness and self corrective statements to be able to clear these meanings within ourselves of the words we use, and walk the correction of the definition of the word in a practical sense that will be best for all.

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Words are not feelings nor emotional, but simply ways for us to communicate who we are to the world around us. There is a lot that will be able to be communicated with a lot more effectiveness if we use our words within a purpose of direct understanding of the meanings of things and cut out all the mind attachments that are really not necessary and create more friction then resolves it.

Living words to there direct relationship within a understood collective decision that will create the space for learning and expansion of ourselves as human beings and will be the correction process to see direct and live direct within reality and what is really happening in each moment. Living words breath by breath is the best form of living because you are not basing any point of your life or your living on assumption, past, future reference, or pictures and associations, but through living knowledge you have acquired through the direct relationship of what the word mean that all understand and can live by. It will create much more simplistic living and communication, and will give us much more time to start to build our world with a foundation of solidity because the words we use, which build the foundation for the world we will create is based on what is real and what is best for all through universal understanding and respect that all are able to understand what is being said.

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