Friday, July 26, 2013

The Decision – Day 330

Within this process being walked of self honesty to correct one’s living to become equal and one with all life, one will face decisions, and at a certain point an absolute decision to either stand as and for life here in the physical or continue within the mind as a programmed response organic robot. This decision is quite a process to walk because all we have ever been is these programmed robots being automated based on feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories, but we are more then just these automated responses. I have found when looking at this decision, to live or stay a robot, the choice is clear because obviously I want to be life and live, the problem being is that I not only have to make the decision to live, but I have to actually do it as well, I have to live, I have to be life for real, and life is here living simplistically in the physical with no mind, no thoughts, no feelings, no emotions, the trees are a living example of life, so it’s like to be like a tree so to speak, here, breathing, living, and supporting in equality. So this process that has to be walked, making the decision not only here now, but in each breath to come and to stick to reality, live what is best, live from practical common sense, and stop the mind from directing oneself into compromise is some of the components to get this done.  

I am seeing what is helping with my decision as I have started to dedicate myself to this point is to slow down within what I am doing, I am practicing being in my movements, in my physical body, feeling my feet on the ground, my fingers typing each letter on the keyboard, and staying focused on what is real, my physical body as much as possible. The mind always wants to creep in and take over, but as I have been practicing this technique I am seeing that I am becoming more aware of the mind and me as the mind movements. I have not gotten to the point where I am able to remain stable here within the body for long periods of time, staying within the movements each moment or each breath, but it is becoming more and more stable as I practice.

Also, another point I am finding supportive within making this decision to live and stop my mind, which was described in detail tonight with the Metaphysical Secrets of imagination – part 25 I had the opportunity to sit in on live, is that to be here one have to let go of the past moment, not bring these past happenings or expectations to the moment here and allow them to influence this new moment that is now happening because this separates you from the reality that is here and puts you into your mind where you will start the creation process of illusion through memories and thoughts, and these will accumulate to make it more difficult to be here in your physical body until they are cleared with self forgiveness and self change. So it’s a process to walk as been said before, but through consistent application and will it can be done. Space and time will tell of course, so I must not waste these breaths I am given to make sure I live the best I am able to and walk what has to be walked to ensure life is brought back to natural order where all are equal and one starting within my very internal world.

So the decision is a foundational stability point I have found based on realizing that there is only the option of equality and oneness of life and stopping the mind as ourselves in abuse and so this grounds me into an understanding of what I am doing, how I can move forward, and gives me a starting point to always work from and sustain myself as. And so I can bring it back to the physical in common sense living when I see I get lost into my mind for a moment, and realize instantly ok, the decision, I am walking to life, to the physical, to me here equal and one with what is real. I can always bring the decision here when getting overwhelmed with points coming up within the mind or feel low or in a mind state, to ‘remember’ who I am and what I am doing here. I realize I am the decision, my life will be proof of who I am as the decision and what I have made of this life I was gifted. I realize within my beingness what I am to do, how I am to be, and the gift that awaits all who walk this decision to be life and restore equality and oneness to who we are as life in all ways until it is done is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to all others.

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  1. Thanks Garb - can definitely relate to this point of practicing the simple support we have of paying attention to ourselves here, in our physical environment, our physical breath, what we are doing in the very moment - such awesome support - thanks