Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What are the Benefits to Living Practically? – Day 326

What does it mean to live practically? I have been looking at this recently as it has been brought to my attention to really push myself to conduct myself within this way. Being practical is when you do something based on a reason and purpose that makes sense and will be best for everyone in a real context. These can be big points or small points, you can virtually use the living of practicality within all instances in your life because there will always be a practical way to do something if one take the time and consideration to find it.

There is also another dimension to living practically that will be of use to me within walking my process and I am sure will help all who read this as well, and this point is that it takes away the mind distractions such as points of self interest or desires that one will think about and eventually live, which cause hassle and usually unwanted occurrences. To be in the mind will cause abuse in some way or another as the outflow consequence of these actions will hurt someone or cause something to get misused, and so suffering at some level will occur. This is because one is not looking practically within reality but in a form of need in one’s head of what one want only, and so will make decisions not based on the whole of what one is doing, but to quench only the desire or need that one is thinking about. In the mind, we have the ability to imagine anything, and this imagination is not understood in it’s power and effects within our living. Imagination cause one to not see reality here for what it is and what is in fact going on because one is not here and thus miss reality. We know when we do this within ourselves we don’t consider hardly anyone else and if we do it is usually within a point of self interest, which will not create the desired life one was imagining but much unnecessary consequence.

So in a way practical living makes for a more simplistic life and more structured because one can easily assess what one is doing and what one will walk when you look at things practically, what makes sense, and what the reality is showing to you that is possible. For example, when one want to travel to another country, you will have to buy a ticket, but you only have a limited amount of funds and you also have to spend money in the country you travel to, so you have to consider the price of that ticket. Your mind is telling you that you want to sit in the most comfortable seats with the most leg room, but these seats are quite expensive and will leave you with very little money to spend in the country you go to. Your mind justifies this practical assessment with thoughys that you will find money in the new country, you can work and get paid, and these desire comes up very strong through the energy of excitement of wanting to purchase the first class ticket.

Now, here the practical thing to do based on the assessment of reality and the common sense of what is needed to live is to go in the economy seats and have spending money for traveling. But the problem here is the mind and how much the mind can make it seem so nice and so luxurious and so probable to get money when you arrive, though when in reality it makes no sense to go through and get the first class tickets. Firstly, it is not needed to sit in the first class seats as the economy seats are perfectly suitable for traveling and you don’t have the extra cash to sit in these seats. So based on assessing reality for what it really is showing you, you will want to make the practical choice, which is the economy seats, and thus your life will be much easier when you are in the country you are traveling to because you have enough money to spend. If you go the first class route, you will be less likely to have the ability to do what is needed in the country you travel to because the money is not going to be there. And you will not likely find a job easily, so the odds here are not in favor of the easy, simplistic way of living and are counter to what the practical choice should be.

For me, I would like to live the simplistic and thus practical way of living, not being directed by my mind in desires, wants, and needs, and using my imagination for reality assessment rather then a distraction. With practical living, one will take all that is able to be taken into consideration in one’s reality and from this information gathered use this common sense to come to a solution that will suit oneself within reality best. The key to how practical living will benefit you is that you have to consider yourself equal to reality and once this is realized and lived, your life will become more simplistic in the sense that you can direct it as such because you can direct yourself to be practical, and practical is the most sustainable and self affirming way of living one can live.

I will be practicing my practical living within correcting myself when I see I go into my mind in desires, wants or needs, and bring it back to the physical, considering all and myself within reality, and make the decision that will work best. A practical life is actually a gift and what we have missed that is right here if we realize it.

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