Saturday, November 26, 2016

How I Stop Addictions with the Desteni I Process - Day 535

Here I discuss how I have been assisted and lived the tools of the desteni I process for myself where I stopped a number of addictions in my life. Have a listen and give yourself this gift of support for yourself to so we can all direct ourselves to our highest potentials. This to support a world that is best for all and stand as a steward of the earth for all who are here and yet to come. For more information on the tools and understanding more how to apply them, check out the links.

Desteni-I-Process Lite Beginner course -

Soul - School of Ultimate Living - Create yourself through Words!

Self Supportive Material -

Forum support:

Desteni Wiki:

Eqafe Facebook Page:

7 year journey to life Facebook group:

DIP Lite on Facebook:

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