Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Acceptance: Giving Self Back to Self - Day 509

In honor of my friend and fellow process walker, as she 
journeys on to a new beginning, I will continue to hold her here within
me as how she stood and lived as an example of strength, perseverance, steadfastness, kindness, and gentleness to continue on in my journey until it is done. 

Thank you Cathy Kraft for all you have done to support me, you are loved and will be missed. 

Acceptance for me has been quite a process of mental strain, I have been figuring out how to accept myself, after all the points I have faced, all the mistakes, all the judgments, and all that is not my best, how can I possible accept myself and actually mean it. What I realized is that it’s got nothing to do with the words or phrases swirling around the word of acceptance such as ‘how can I’ or ‘am I able to’, but simply living the word acceptance, accepting who I am in this moment period.

So I want to redefine and open up the word acceptance because it’s a powerful word and has supported me within my process of accepting myself as I have for many years been insecure and doubtful of who I could become and accepting myself in a way that is satisfying. I didn’t understand that what my mind was bringing up about me was more in relation to ideas, beliefs, projections, illusions in fact that I have created through thinking, and I was misinterpreting living this word as acceptance based on what was coming up in my mind, trying to live up to that to be accepted rather then being here and actually physically living the word in what is here as me in each breath. For example, I can’t deny who I am in this moment, that which I am weak in and that which I am strong in. What the mind wants to do is make the weak something to be resisted and suppressed and only focus on the strengths, though doing this I deny the actual reality of who I am and so shut me out or limit me from actually understanding what those weakness are and creating ways to strengthen them.

So living the word acceptance is merely an action of accepting all of who I am in this moment here, not denying any part of myself, so I can stand equal to all the information and understand who I am within it. This also one has to take the personal out of it, take the positive and negative charges out of the information that one is seeing, such as a destructive thinking pattern of seeing myself as ‘not good enough to succeed’ for instance. Accepting that this thinking pattern is actually happening within me, not making it as if it is true and thus absolute, but that it is a part of me at the moment, but I can always change. I am not limited nor stuck in absolutes of what I am existing as in any given moment, if I don’t resist myself within it, but accept it for what it is.

Resisting is a cool flag point as well for this point of moving through what is here as self that one is not seeing supportive, cause if you resist it, you will tend to shove it away, not wanting to look at it, and thus again deny that which is actually in reality existing within you, a unsupportive pattern. Though if resistence happens then one will loop in the pattern over and over again because one is not actually facing it, accepting the responsibility that it is self as it is existing within self and self is living it out, and the pattern will continue to persist because it is a part of who one is and how one has created themselves. We can not ever run away from who we are, this is impossible as we have actually physically created it over time, we walked the steps to have the unsupportive pattern exist within self as it is, and so with living the word acceptance, one can embrace the pattern that is unsupportive, and walk the correction process to change.

Acceptance is the act of starting the process of self responsibility for who one is and if one moves self into the understanding phase of the change needed, and then living the corrective change, then the pattern that one was once resisting is now becoming a point of transcendence. So the point of this first blog on this word is that acceptance is required of self in all actions to walk the process of self change, and the key to self change is when one take responsibility for self within what one is accepting and change to be the best one can be to live in their highest potential.

I am not promoting nor saying that acceptance is just a point of accept what one is and then just living into it and not changing, no that is self dishonesty, change is required in this process either of strengthen one’s weakness or supporting others to do the same. Living this word acceptance in such a way is supportive to stop emotionally reacting to who self is in the good and bad of self, and walk what is necessary in full openness and humbleness to be able to see what is necessary and understand how to walk the self change to what is best for all.

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