Friday, January 8, 2016

Revenge of the Ego – Writing – Day 493

The revenge of the ego is a point that effects all humans on the planet, to say differently is just your ego. Now this is something that if not understood is not going to make sense in the sense that we don’t ever learn about humans being egos or what the ego is in fact. This because the whole system that we live from our economic system, social system, cultural system, education system, religious systems are all based on the equation of the ego. This being parasitic, getting before giving and so creating lack and suffering to ourselves. Where life here in what is best is always giving and through that all receive and so self receive, all being equal and one within what is given and so create what is best for all. This is the highest potential and honor of life lived and so what life is in fact - living in what is best for all.

The ego is powerful and knows everything about self, it is me, I have accepted and allowed myself to become the ego, we all have. And yes, we learn about Sigmund Freud and how he identified the ego, but only a few actually studied him and similar such psychologists, and within that study, nothing comes close to actually understanding the extent and control the ego as consciousness has on the human beings of this earth. This is why the desteni material and the message within this material is the destiny of the universe because it indeed goes into all aspects and understandings of what the ego is as consciousness, where it comes from, and the tools and practical ways to transcend the ego and be life here.

These words are specific that I am writing and that are being placed because when I say ‘be life here’ I mean that literally, breathing as life here as one physically lives in each moment. And there is a way to be life, this is what jesus spoke of when he was here, his words were also specific and same with Bernard while he was here, his words are specific, words are living and so what we speak creates, so speaking words one should be specific as words create our life in fact on an individual level to the global level within and without.

So back to consciousness and how the ego has taken over the human mind and bodies, I will be walking through my ego and dissecting, forgiving, and writing out corrective application to transcend my ego and become life here in breath. Life exist we can see that all around us, though what is interesting is that we don’t in fact really exist here in reality, but in our minds, in an alternate reality and this alternate reality or dimensions of our mind reality is illusionary and that is where the ego lives and thrives, in the dimensions of our mind. And we all know the many many dimensions of our mind we can go into, the fears, the thoughts of judgment, desire, jealousy, anger, and they cycle, we all have been spun out based on the way our mind thinks and moves, I certainly can relate to this.

So this desteni I process is specific and is done in a way that we investigate ourselves as our mind, self forgive our mind that is not best for all and living in life as one and equal, and so within that realization writing the living correction that will be practiced in our lives day to day, moment to moment as we walk our process from consciousness egos to living beings here in physical reality. It’s really an interesting journey though it is not a process to take lightly, I have been challenged many times and in many ways, giving up is not an option because life in what is best for all is worth all the challenges I will face. I have committed to face myself, change to live in what is best and so transcend my ego. 

So I welcome you on this journey as I share my writings on the ego dimensions of myself, and so report and support all others who can relate and are supporting themselves to do the same. Thanks for reading, in my next blog I will continue with the ego. In the meantime, listen to this video by Bernard Poolman on the Revenge of the Ego. Enjoy.

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