Friday, January 29, 2016

Eqafe Hangout: "You're a Star!" Reptilian Audio Discussion - Day 495

On this hangout, we will be discussing the Reptilian interview series on the word 'Star', with questions such as:

What is the importance of living words?
What are the different ways we can interpret the word star?
How has the word star been lived in this world?
What changes can be implemented within our lives to live this word in a supportive way for our self development?

We will also give personal perspectives and realizations that came through as my guest and myself listened to the audios to give more understanding of what this Desteni-I-Process is about and how the Eqafe audios supports everyone who decide to walk this journey.

Eqafe Interview Series we will be discussing:
You're A Star! - Reptilians - Part 466

Birth Your Inner Star - Reptilians - Part 467

What is a Real Star? - Reptilians - Part 468

Interview With Sunette Spies, the Interdimensional Portal from Eqafe:

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