Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"What Comes Next?": The Next System - LIG – Day 454

I read an article tonight that was found on one of my feeds on facebook I am subscribed to and it was in relation to people discussing what will be next as a new system that will step forth once this broken system falls. And yes of course this system currently existing is going to fall because it’s made from abuse and devaluing the very principles that creates our life, life itself, which is equally valued within all things that exist thus we are actually destroying ourselves. This principle is an absolute point and I found it was a necessary point to realize and start to understand for myself because this will require a process of re-birth not only to be ready to walk a new system but also to walk a new self.

We as human beings see the destruction we have created on this planet, and we all, each and everyone of us has participated within the destruction of this world, we can see it in our actions in everyday life and most importantly in the way in which we think about life as our day to day existence. There is nothing fantastic or beautiful within what goes on in our thinking day to day, I can only speak for myself of course, though even walking this process for years, I can see how much my mind is influencing and creating myself as destructive and abusive. Now within this, I realize also that this part of who I am as the mind is in need of a complete and utter re-structuring of who I am as a being of life. Re-defining, word by word, step by step, with all the ups and downs this will take, what this is for myself and who I am within it.

Time for practical purposes is a cool form of measure to have a gauge for ourselves in what is needed to be done and at what intensity/focus/speed.  I mean for instance, like the article I recently read where 6000 acres of old growth forest was going to be sold and decimated for profit of a few, this would be an area were immediate action is needing to be taken, now there is groups and activists that’ll protest and push back which is a band-aid solution and obviously not enough. This because the very fact that we want to destroy the very physical living existence that is allowing us to breath is really the insane part as it makes completely no sense. We kill the trees, we kill our breath of life. We kill ourselves in both instances equal and one, so see this makes no sense. And so what is needed along with these priority points that are occurring in physical reality, there is many critical ones at the moment, but along with this physical point of solutions we need to walk as a new system, we also have to create a new system to operate within ourselves. A new self system that is re-programmed to be that all actions be what is best for all and this is walked through tools that many at this time are walking and have been walking for years.
There is a free course designed to support with anyone ready to embark in taking this venture into re-programming self’s operating system to be best for all, and it’s all done in a very wholesome and self determined way. Each one has to decide for themselves and walk this, though there is a network of support within this group walking this as well that will be able and willing to support as we have been supported as well.

We as the desteni group have already started to look at solution oriented ways to support the change necessary for a new system as well as a new way of life. This is being walked in the Living Income Guarantee proposals set forth by the Equal Life foundation, it’s a setting off point with specific policies in place to help understand and become aware of what a new system that will be based on what is best for all look like. We propose a living income for all those in need of it to allow all access to decency in life and a stable environment to live with family and community through funding allocated to support this. We propose ways and means for job creation that will support with building the infrastructure and details that’ll be needed to create a symmetric and well functioning society that allows ease of movement as well as freedom to express oneself. There will be so much to create, design, and re-form, though there is already plenty of ideas and concepts and creations out there that will support and facilitate the growth of a new system that is more designed for the betterment of all. This is lived within principles that are visibly seen day in and day out through and by we as humans living them equal and one to life here. We are the solutions we wish to see in this world, we must be educated, grounded, practically oriented, and solution
oriented in what is best for all through self honest self direction if we want to see a new system in fact emerge. And as the saying goes the old must go for the new to emerge.

This will be a process though it takes but a step to move things forward, let’s stay consistent, self disciplined, and self lived to live, breath, and remain what is best for all life always.

Links from the Article:
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