Thursday, March 20, 2014

Walking the Path of No Return – Day 407

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For a while now I have been walking multiple dimensions of the point of self judgment where in reality it manifest as me sabotaging myself in many different ways in my everyday life. I have looked at it from many different angles and seen where the trigger points are, where the mind takes over, what occurs and how I feel when I’m shifted in a moment into the mind energy feeling of suppression and dread, and so I have now examined and walked through enough of this system to finally face it and stop it from taking over and possessing me. So I am at the point currently in making an absolute decision and standing within this decision in reality to stop participating in self abuse and direct myself into self change as self stability.

I see what has caused me to delay such a stopping and absolute stand of – ‘no more, this is enough’, has been the fear of becoming vulnerable and opening myself up to others. I have created such a belief that I am less then and inferior, that I have accepted and allowed so much of my actions to be compromised by this belief, and so allow fears to direct me when with others in my world.

Though within this I realize that fear is just energy and it can be stopped in a moment, in a breath as it's finite and not substantiated in it's existence and so me as life substituted here in reality can stop that which is not real. I also realize that I am not inferior nor superior to any being in this physical reality and that we are all existing and experiencing ourselves in the same or similar ways, that it’s not personal, it’s how we have created and designed our minds up until now. And also, I have already proven that I can stop fears and change in my process through utilizing writing, breath awareness, sound, and self will to stop myself from continuing to go ‘there’. I see that I am capable and so ready to make this next step to stop this program and direct this self abuse to self care once and for all, absolutely until it's done. Self care being where I care about who I am and how I am existing within the acceptance that this is my responsibility and I deserve to give this to myself as I would and do give it to others, I am an equal as well within this reality and accepting and so allowing myself to express in who I really am will be a gift as I walk this into a living application.

I haven’t ever allowed or accepted myself to really create and express myself in absolute vulnerability and openness, I have always been in fear of others and fear of myself, and so this will be a great opportunity within such an encompassing point of self judgment to push through and go beyond my accepted limitations I set for myself. In this process, I am grateful I have given myself and been given through the support of others the opportunity to face this point and let it go, and move on to the creation process of myself in self acceptance and self care that awaits. Also, realizing that this self care and self acceptance will only exist when I give these self directive points to myself and so give this also to all who I meet, giving as I would like to receive as this is the true sense of the word self care and self acceptance. This to ensure that all are included within this equation to create a world that is best for all and so care and accept all within the principle that all is self/one and all are equal.  

So I have made the decision long ago that I will walk whatever it takes to be self directive and align my mind and beingness with life here as the physical, and so walk the process this will take. I realize consistency is key and necessary to ensure that I continue on this path and walk whatever it takes to support myself to stop, change, and direct myself in what is best. I will continue sharing on this point of consistency as my partner and I are set to redefine this word shortly for ourselves and so will share what we come up with as a living word. Thanks for reading.

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