Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We Are, What We Eat – Day 408

This saying is quite popular in our world today and what it is implying seems to make sense because what our physical bodies are fueled and sustained by is mostly what we put into our mouths. The body is an organic system and there are certainly foods that substantiate it and foods that diminish it. A practical point to look at is why would we eat or drink something that would not support our bodies, it makes no sense, but we can then also ask ourselves a similar question such as why do we still allow billions to go hungry every day. The answer is within responsibility of oneself and one’s world, we are the solutions to these issues we are facing, we just have to change what we see that is not working, and walk this into our lives and world until it is here using common sense and the principle of what is best for all.

The food we eat if one has does some research travels long distances and get treated and processed in many different ways, so the natural original fruit getting plucked off a non chemicalized tree is like an unknown occurrence in this day and age. We don’t go and pick our fruits and vegetables from our local farm or garden, we don’t go the local farmer and get raw milk from the local cows, we don’t go and drink freshly squeezed oranges off the orange tree in our back yard, these things rarely if ever happen to the average person. There is cause for some of this, but on the norm it is because there are no localized farms or gardens that are pushed or common, and those that are not affordable. Most of our food is mass produced, and stripped of its ultimate potential for nutrition due to the underdeveloped soil it was produced in, chemicals it was sprayed with to keep bugs away, the date it reaches the mouths of those who eat being quite long as well as when at our houses the food is cooked, which diminishes a lot of the nutritional content due to the heat and the bodies molecular reactions it goes through when cooked.

“When food is heated past the heat-labile point, its chemical configuration changes. Pasteurization, deep-frying, and barbecuing are all forms of cooking where food is heated past the heat labile point. The body does not understand these new chemical configurations and does not have the enzymes to digest the food easily. However, the immune system comes to the defense of the body, and makes these undigested particles back into substances that the body can use or escorts them out of the body. We ask our immune system to do the job that our digestive system did not do. The immune system was not designed to do this on a daily basis, every time we overcook foods or over-process foods. Over time the immune system becomes exhausted and the door is opened to infectious and degenerative diseases.” – How Cooked is To Cooked? By Nancy Appleton, Ph.D.

Cooking is obviously a necessary thing in this time and space, but something to considered about the way in which our foods interacts with our physical bodies rather then going with what is desired which is a mind idea usually not conducive to the physical in itself. 

Another important factor that we should be considering and pushing in our
society is the need for these local farms and gardens as well as food that is nutritionally optimal and being nurtured in a way that nature intended, naturally and organically grown and produced. Again, I am not saying that this is possible now, but in the future when we do what is best for all, there is certainly ways in which we can develop our living situations to cooperate and co-create food that is best and optimal for all. In Switzerland they are doing just this, where they have created a project called “foodscaping, each yard is a vegetable garden and neighbors consult and plan what each will grow so they can trade.” Projects like these are solution based for the whole of the community and so these always can be scaled to the globe so all are able to take part and benefit, it’s always a matter of will of ourselves. As we know we are all in this together, so why would we not?

And so the vitamin and minerals within the foods we eat are equally linked to how healthy we will be. If we eat a balanced diet with high foods that support the body and drink lots of water, cutting down completely on refined sugars and processed foods, alcohol, and other foods that don’t support the physical, your livelihood will be significantly more aligned with what is best for your physical body and so best for you. Many people are not educated to the types and kinds of healthy eating that is necessary to live a long life, we are not taught what a well balanced nutritional meal is, and what vitamins and in what quantities they are needed to keep the physical body at it’s optimum level.

So it’s a point of responsibility we all need to take within ourselves to educate what in fact is really going on in the health industry and who are the one’s who are benefitting? What are the proper nutrients and vitamins necessary to live a healthy and sustainable life? And support the initiatives such as the Living Income Guarantee, which will help support those who are not able to support themselves in their lives have access to an income to get the food that is needed to live. This LIG initiative will also start the ball rolling for fixing the parts of ourselves and our world that don’t live up to the best we can be, spearheading project such as the “foodscaping” one above. Our whole food and nutritional way of living is in need of a great overhaul where the desire for the good of all be the starting point of how we create our world systems rather then the desire for the good of the company/profit/few/me. Many people have and are dying due to improper nutrition and care for diseases, this is preventable because there is certainly enough of everything for all to be sustained, and the food we eat should always support all to the ultimate of who we can be.

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