Sunday, February 2, 2014

Instant Judgment and Rectification– Day 397

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For many, many, many times during my day I am judging something instantaneously, sometimes I catch it and sometimes I am not here and will allow it to continue and accumulate, but this is based on accepting and allowing the first action as the action of instantly judging something/someone/someplace before even taking notice of what it is that I am even looking at and who I am as one and equal with whatever it is I am judging. So I am in this next few blog posts going to look at this point and walk the correction.

First point is why do I judge instantly, I can say that I have always lived my life in this way and the reason for judging others was based on status, finding where I stand with others so I can prepare myself in how I will act/be/behave towards them in my interaction. So the instant judgment is done within a defense of myself because within myself I believe I have to be on guard, I have to defend myself from intruders, and this based on the actions I have seen and accepted as points that I had made personal within my past, holding them as memories to dictating to me how to live here, such as being insulted or being offended by someone. So over time I have created this mechanism of instantly judging others so I can be better equipped to come back and equally stand as a force for them to realize that I can not be taken advantage of so easily, I am not a push over, and I will be giving you resistance if you try and mess with me. So it’s fear based and showing that I am not self aware if I am still accepting and allowing points of judgment such as these to influence and direct me.

This also showing that I am existing in the exact same way that I am trying to protect, judging and sizing up others to see where I can gain ahead and become the stronger one, this to give me some sort of boost in my ego, catering to self interest and separation of us as humanity that is one and equal. So I am not really solving anything by continuing to exist within this pattern of sizing up others and instantly judging them, but continuing and perpetuating the same loop of separation and resistance to each other that is rampant throughout human kind. I can simply be here with all people and move beyond the judgments, and support others as how I would like to be supported and then I would have no more reactions of fear or resistance to people, but be stable. This a process to walk as I walk it here to unravel and self forgive, and so correct this pattern to be self supportive for me and all who read this. Til next time. Thanks for reading.

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