Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Dolphins and Humans Can Be Friends - Earth Haven/Desteni Research - Day 596

I don't know if this is the case for these dolphins, but it's cool to get a glimpse for a moment of how inter species on this planet can interact and live co-habitually, for this to manifest and be created for real with humans specifically and nature's absolute magnificence and beauty, we as the human being, each single one of us, must take self responsibility for one's thoughts, words, and actions. Any thing less then this such as reaction as blame or pointing fingers or fighting cause outflows of abuse and thus is unacceptable, so as a solution that has supported me out of the abuse and unacceptable-ness of myself I found self forgiveness.

This helped me understand myself in my ill behavior that caused harm, and so find the correction within the self forgiveness and living change. I am only speaking this way because i have been living these tools for the past 10 plus years, i am not preaching or trying to put anything onto you, i am more sharing my experience of what worked for me.

We all i know want peace in our lands, with our neighbors, with all the creatures of this land, cause these creatures equally have to survive, have partners and friends they live there days with, have children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and close confidants, we are all beings here animal, human, forest alike. Though we need to walk the manifested consequence of what we face as fear and realize we are here and we are capable to change ourselves and so change our reality, which in turn will help others have examples of change, and we can start tipping the scales to solution oriented living and loving each other as neighbors and helping each other whenever it is needed no matter what cause we know in the same position i would like someone to help and teach me.

Let's use this pandemic and isolation to get real with self, and take action. Move self in the moments we have been gifted on this planet earth, our home and lets make it a safe haven for all. It's possible, let animals become your friends, the one's you don't like, start investigating why you are reacting, get common sensical with it, spiders are tiny little creatures that for the most part are harmless, you can research different spiders when you see them and get to know there species, flicking something away like a spider who is actually a living being that feels pain and going back to your candy crush game is not cool in any way shape or form. Nature and animals are pure beings in many ways and will mirror back who you are with a grace and stability that is only awe inspiring to me.

Check out the links of life and self support below, and let's connect, much work to do, but lets start enjoying ourselves and this earth in the principles of life as what is best for all as best for self and start creating the world we want our children to be safe and loved and cared for by all no matter what. Thanks all. - Beginner self forgiveness course - community building network built with life principles

              Artwork by: Gabriel Aceves Higareda - library of existences

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