Saturday, May 30, 2015

What do we Place our Value In? – Day 461

Let’s first start with the definition of value, I have defined this word in relation to myself meaning what do I give value to and what gives me value. Value being that which substantiate self. Substantiate is that which is growth, expansion, expression, within self movement. So giving value to is the movement of self in the physical that creates something more. This is what it is, but within the self creation process we are living as our lives, it’s a question to look at and become aware of, because we are giving value to something, what we are giving value to will determine our future, not only for ourselves but life as a whole.

Value is an interesting point because I can deduce it based on my own personal process walking to two outcomes, one that is external to self and one that is internal to self. And this is a self process alone, who you are as the value you create and how you define yourself by what you create. Are you determined by what other’s place value in as you or do you determine for yourself what you as value place yourself within and as you create yourself as your life.

The value placed on the external in relation to self’s definition would be everything that is of the system we live in now, the currency measure being in dollars and cents, one of the main ways we can place our value of ourselves in is based on how much we are worth. Like a job payment scale value, I am worth this amount of dollars, and so one can go further, I drive this car and live in this type of house, I have these kinds of clothes and go to these kinds of restaurants, and these value placements are not seen in plan sight. Meaning we never openly talk about this to others, our value and what we are really think is of value, no we do this in the confines of our own mind and we pre-tend to have values within human decency and life giving ways, but in reality, this is not how the human race lives, we don’t live we survive. When it comes down to the day to day living of a human being, we are most concerned with our survival and what most place value in is whatever means of survival to make sure I am able to live, the more comfortable and secure the better. Though this outflow of survival creates scarcity and fear, and thus abuse and separation is the outflow as what is currently being proven as evidence with starvation, poverty, and war on our planet. In placing value outside of ourselves to the external we do not value life, but only value what can gives us securtity, and again what is that, the currency of dollar and cents, this is where the truth lies, the numbers of our worth according to the current survival system we are creating. And this is no way to live as it’s not living, but is suffering for the many who can't get the numbers.

Fortunately for some, the self value of the internal life that is here as our physical bodies and who we are as life that exist within each living being, is a movement of a different order, this value is not based on what externally we can attach to ourselves and define ourselves by, but what brings us together and unites us within the principle of life that we are all one as life and equal within this fact. This is what is really here and this is the path to real truth of self and freedom. Living from the value of who one is from within measured by how one lives in this world is a whole new way of living, this way of living for the human race is a physical step by step process of self correction through self investigation of one’s living based on the principle of doing what is best for all because one is now living the understanding that all life is self, equal and one.  So within this understanding, harming another is harming oneself and so all abuse becomes corrected and essentially ceases to exist as the question is asked, why would i abuse another (self)? This is new because we have been programmed from many levels in this world and even from other dimensions through controls and have been moved like chess based on humanity misplacing value from within to the without of self. Self here is where empowerment exist, it is where life essence exist, it is where our self expression exist, it is where our creative power exist, and so putting value within who one is as what they live each and every day gives value that is real and measureable. And this is lived through words, living words in the fullest expression of self is life here expressed through and as the physical you then create measuresbke physical value as your creation here in real time, doing it in self awareness based on principled living, you create real value thats honoring life which is doing what is best for all. Again this takes a process and is being walked by many currently, though it is certainly possible real self freedom.

We don’t need anything external because in a way we are already a part of everything, we exist here and so looking for ourselves within other things and placing value in things outside ourselves is really devaluing who we are as life beings as equals in this physical reality. We create that equality from within by also giving this equal value to others as we have done for ourselves and stand responsible for self to stand within what is here at all times and be able to create, be able to add value, be able to self express to give life as we have been given. Express and live what is best.  

So this point of what we place value in is a path of self discovery as well as self awareness that is a journey, it’s a path from the external value placement of self to the internal value placement of self through self understanding and self creation to become a real person of value that can stand and be here and express here totally and wholesomely each breath, so we walk until this is done.

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