Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cat-Punching, Why does this exist? Day 460

Before walking the desteni process, I was a person who cringed and went into reaction at the sight of any animal being hurt or abused, I was not aware of this group on facebook that is promoting cat-punching, I didn't have to see it and I didn't want to watch anything about it and this shows what? The truth of the very reason that cat punching exist, I don’t want to look and thus am stating with my actions that I don’t want to take responsibility for the actions of abuse to animals as I believe myself to not be this. I don’t harm animals and thus I am justified in condemning and believing myself to be more righteous. I mean you don’t really have to look of course to know that animal abuse is happening on the daily, though the understanding of taking responsibility for such actions in this physical reality is not understood and is crucial for healing. If we just condemn people and lock them away, out of sight and out of mind, do we believe the problem just goes away? Of course this is not the case, more abuse is shown, more abuse is happening, and more extreme actions are taken because the message of what these types of actions are showing in our reality is that those who are abusing others need to be re-aligned to life. We need to walk correction processes with these people, we need to create solutions for the problems of this world that'll last, we need to start understanding and standing as supports for those who have made mistakes in life and are ready to correct themselves.

Though the key here that each one has to realize for themselves is we each have to take responsibility for our own mistakes and find the will to walk the correction process ourselves for ourselves, and those who are willing to support themselves will be given support by the very nature that they are showing they care for themselves. Give life to yourself and you are given it in turn, it’s the nature of life.  Life supports life. So we as humanity are at the stage were we are in the process of becoming aware at how fucked up we are, what we are creating within this world is the reflection of who we are within ourselves, and those who are willing will be the one’s who stand as the examples for those who come after of how to walk the correction process back to life. This is what desteni is about, realizing that the correction process is here to stop the abuse of life as we stop the abuse of ourselves, and then live this in our world. This will require patience and perseverance because this will be a real time process walking step by step, the change has to be physical and the change has to be proven through time with consistency and cross-referencing, though as more walk the path this will become easier for those who follow as mistakes will be learned from and shared with others and so avoid as this is the principle of efficiency through time.

So as we give to ourselves and start the correction process of who have become as abuse through self forgiveness and self correction in writing and living, we then become capable of helping those who can not as of yet help themselves. There is a specific alignment that is occurring and will resonant throughout yourself, your life and the lives of those you touch, it may not be seen at first, but through time the evidence will start to show as the physical integration starts to take place. Obviously, we as humanity realize that the physical abuse of any living being is unacceptable and we all require to forgive ourselves for our own abuses and correct into a new way of living that is best for all. So it will be a process, one that is not linear nor clear at times, though it will be able to be understood and walked if one is willing. So it comes down to who I am within this life and what I will accept and allow, and so that will determine everything, self honesty is the path to freedom as this is the birthing of self truth in what is real, as self walks the path of self honesty, the road becomes clearer and clearer and the abuse starts to transform into support, this is the process we all will face and have to make a decision, no one will be judged, we can only judge ourselves, who are we humans? How will we stand? 

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