Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Care to Be Gentle Dear Lady? - Day 459

Gentleness I have written about before, though I have not yet incorporated it into my daily living. So here in this blog I want to explore the word and definition and find a re-definition I can live with that’ll support for myself as I move through what is to come within walking my mind layers specifically opening up the ‘evil’ side of myself in which I have not lived best for all and have not as of yet investigated to the truth of who I am in self honesty, this is where I am heading.  

“Gentleness is the quality of being kind and careful. The original meaning, from around 1300, was "inherited nature," but by the 1600s it had come to mean "freedom from harshness and violence," with the Latin root gentilis, "of the same family or clan." (

I am looking at this word from the perspective of not only being gentle with other’s but also being gentle with myself because I have a tendency of being too hard on myself and so become quite rigid. So within this I see that gentleness as a living word I implement into my daily life will help to transition myself into a balance of living where I am firm, but expansive within who and how I live with myself and so with others as well. So correcting the relationship within myself will then equally correct the relationship with others in my world, this is based on the principle of as within, so without. As I can see currently as I am hard and rigid with myself, I also am like this with others in my world at times.

So playing with the sound of the word Gentle:

Gene Tell
Generation Entail
Generous to Life

So what I see within this word exploration of the sounding of this word, is two points that it is dealing with, one the origin of ourselves as the word gene as well as generation is within the word sounding, and within the definition I placed here it is interesting that it says that the original meaning of the word from the 1300’s was “inherited nature”. Also, the Latin root of the word is of the same family or clan. So within this point we are looking at our origins, the fabric of our existences, who we are within the make up of our beingness, and to embody and live out the word gentleness, one would have to be able to understand and so stand within the genes of who I am, the fabric that is of creation of myself as this physical body which is life itself = physical matter. If one does not understand oneself within who they are as life then how can I live that which is ‘generous to life’ as the second point to consider because if I don’t know myself as life then I can not give that to others and so live generously.

Though as a direct definition, I see the fact that walking my process is essential, though walking it in a way where I consider others as equal to myself and so considering myself as equal to others and giving to others as how I would like to be treated and so treating myself as how I would treat others. This will be lived in different ways with different people, and this will support with the expression of myself, which is cool as this is supporting the process of what is best for all. So for gentleness, I will implement, being generous with myself in the sense that I give to myself equal to what I would want from others and this in the way of the origin of the nature of who we are as life, so caring for myself, loving myself, accepting myself, understanding myself, correcting myself, giving room for correction through time to myself, and so then living this with others. I would say the point has to manifest and be proven as myself and this will be in the way in which I treat others in my world. The physical living will be the proof so to speak. Once I am able to live this as myself and start to shift into living it with others in my world, then I know I have walked this point through and am becoming gentle as a living expression of myself.  This is all I have for now.

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