Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Living the Word Patience - Part 1 - Day 449

Redefinition of the word Patience:

Pa- t - essence

Pay attention to essences –

What is the definition of essences?
A property or group of properties of something without which it would not exist or be what it is.

So the essences of ourselves that makes us exist is life, we are life on an intrinsic level and exist because we have been given through our physical bodies the existence of who we are now as human beings able to live on this earth. So this essence that has come up within my re-definition of the word patience is what I would refer to as the essence of who each one is as life. Without this essence of life, then we would not exist and we would not be here living. No life is thus not here, which then is not existing.

So within patience I for myself see within not adhering to this action it is based on myself rushing in energy, moving within an energy on a level where I miss life and separate myself from all the life that is here in my environment. Within separating myself from this essence that is here as the life essence that exist within all, I can easily go into reaction, following thoughts, getting overtaken by emotions as energies, not being aware of my breath, and creating consequences that have an effect that is harmful and creates abuse. This is so because as was describe in the word redefinition I posted, I am not giving attention to the other as life equal to myself, but becoming emotional and my behavior in reaction is not withstanding, but fleeting and inconsistent when I access impatience and deliberate abuse is the result which is not of life and not being aware of the essence of myself or another as life. Also, what is missed as the consequence of giving into the experience of impatience is the essence of creating with others, moving with others that in ways will benefit and support both, and miscommunication, conflict, and deadlocks are usually the outcomes. This expression no one can deny is what life is about, to express oneself in ways that supports one’s creativity and living with others in mutual beneficial ways through creation. Life sustains life and within expression as patience’s, when one pay’s attention to the essence of what is here as life, creation is made and what is life but creation and who we are in our utmost potential is creators.

I always find when I push myself and stand within patience’s within these moments of energy rushes that come up of wanting to become impatient with another, the outcome is so much more beneficial. This is so because mutual understanding is able to be reached through moving slower within oneself and grounding oneself into reality where what is happening directly is more easily accessed. This moving slower takes a process of stopping oneself in the moment of energy rushes, and using breath and commitment statements made to ground oneself into a focus of who one is within these moments as an example of life. So redefining the word patience as I did will more support me with a reminder of who I am within these moments of wanting to become impatience and using the tools discussed above to ground myself and so recognize myself again within the other and see what is here which is life.

Conflict is not enjoyable and gets old really fast, it also creates lots of consequence within the mind of self as well as others and physical consequences can occur to the body and the body of others if impatience’s is continued to be participated in, as this accumulates and evolves within oneself and one's world that results in anger, hatred, and then can turn into violence. So this is not to be judged if one has or is participating in such instances, though one should heed these words and start pushing ourselves into living as patience because I am amazed at how much I am overcome by the desire to live out my impatience experience onto others in my life, and equally amazed at the results when I stand in these moments and live the word patiences. Now that I have re-defined this word as paying attention to the essence of life in others, I will more and more stop, take a breath, and live this redefinition into my world because it is clear. This creating a more sustainable self and sustainable environment for all life which is the essence of what the word Patience exist as.

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