Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Living Self Courage – Trust in Self – Day 430

So I am finding more and more this ‘trusting in my self’ to be a true statement. I often want to put trust into others and create a hope that things will turn out well and turn out the way I desired, but 9 out of 10 times it simply doesn’t. I find the most efficient and opportunistic method forward has been moving through resistances and putting trust within myself that I will be able to walk in the moment here and face and direct whatever comes. As I realize and most I am sure can relate, we have no effect on what is to come, we can not predict the future, so creating and building this trust with myself stand’s as a foundation for how I will and am able to move within my living reality in each and every moment I will face which is key to live beyond my fears and what I believe I can't do. I have found though that it’s an actual will to move meaning it doesn't come automatic with nice feelings and entertainment because of the patterns of self sabotage that i have existed within for so much of my life. Facing one’s fears and moving through resistance has not yet gotten easy, it requires self discipline and self determination to move through, but I have found and what helps ease a bit the motion of this movement that has to be done is the expansion that comes out of making the effort.

Here again the future can’t be predicted so one has to be ready for anything and accepting whatever comes is another tool that I have found supports to continue to progress within the action of living self courage. This is a process I have found, a learning process that can not be thought up in the mind, like the mind always makes reality into something that is glittery and glammed up or very scary and treacherous, but in actuality it is sometimes really great and sometimes really not, but all in all it is unpredictable and very interesting to say the least. Usually I have found when applying this point of facing fears and moving through resistances, it is never how I had thought it would be, and I am usually surprised at what comes out of the moments I push within. Always there is a gift for me that emerges, and usually in the form of expanding myself and or supporting others to do the same.

And always the journey continues and th challenges continue, but I have learned what matters within the time i am living in these moments is who am I going to be? And this is the most enjoyable part, I can decided in each moment who I am, no one can tell or make me be a specific way, I have my own will to do and live how I want to live. So it's important you live in a way you will be proud of and support others within because we are all here together, and it's our responsibility to bring about what is best for all. If you look in self honesty, you will see the direction that is needed to be walked. 

Though for the point of this blog, i have found to live self trust I have to apply and continue to commit myself to live self courage and push through my fears by applying the tools of self forgiveness, self correction, and breathing in the moment, and never giving up, no matter what, always keep walking and doing my best and supporting others to do the same. Before you know it you are where you believed you would never be, you live the apparent impossible, and so expand yourself in to new heights through your own self will, and that is truly inspiring.

Will continue in my next blog. Thanks.

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