Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Blame Game - Day 501

Blame for me is something that is like a thorn on my side, I know I do it often and it consistently comes up in my world, though I am seeing that I can convolute myself within it to such an extent where I believe I can’t see it. So I am not self honest within this, I am not standing within a point of self responsibility to stand for myself and so eventually another to be able to see this system for what it is and transform it into a direction that is supportive and best for all.

Blame as a mind construct or creation from thoughts is something that I can see is not supportive, it creates me into a constant cycle of energy, where I am being directed like a carrot on a stick to this desire to win or be right and so within that believe that others are not right and others have to lose, which creates the experience of becoming lost making it more and more difficult to act in a self responsible way directing myself within what is best for all.

Winning or being right within my view point where I start to rise in energy and within that my physical tones start to rise, show that I am not stable any longer within my communication, but that I am starting to access the blame system. Because within the blame system, you don’t have to look at yourself in the moment, you can create all sorts of whys and why nots that you are not at fault and the other is. Though over time I have realized that that is actually the trap, blaming another person no matter in what context or what degree, is going to trap oneself in the perpetual cycle of up and downs of winning and lose. And in blame you never win, but always lose as you give your power away to your emotions and create an abusive destructive environment as your wake.

Blame is heavily influenced within competition and competition is created within insecurity and judgment I have found. When one cycles in the polarity of judging self thus making one feel insecure and then going out in the world and attempting to become superior and win, you become reactive and point fingers not wanting to see the actual behavior and consequences one is creating for oneself to realize eventually that this way of living is futile and will only end in frustration and limitation.

So when the blame system comes up, my buddy and myself have come up with some cool and supportive ways to move through this with a definition of the word winning, where I was been triggered into a blame spiral when I saw that I was feeling like I needed to compete and win. And so creating the blame game flow of making it about the other person being weak/bad and self being strong/good, not for real of course only in my mind do I beLIEve this and so it get's validated through experiences as positive and negative energy. This of course being unacceptable behavior as I am causing deliberately abuse to another where I could stop and change in this moment, but don't. 

I will continue with Self forgiveness and self correction in my next blog, and also redefine the word blame and winning to support with more structure to stop this playout from occurring and change real time to a support being who stands for what is best for all life. Thanks for reading.

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