Sunday, March 27, 2016

Secure - Redefinition Word Process - Day 503

Secure -
Definition - feeling safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety.

Word play - See cure

So the way i have been living secure is where i am existing within a point of needing this, not ever feeling like i am secure and so not feeling safe or free in my environments. I have tainted my security within myself and my world based on following others in my reality, not seeing, realizing, and understanding that i am not leading myself but following the experience within me based on stimuli i have been triggered by through energy based on thoughts.
Solution: the solution that i am seeing is first stop following others and the experiences within me, and lead myself based on living principles. Living based on principles, living based on breath by breath living, living based on provisions or solutions for each scenario i go into to what and who i will be in those moments. 

So secure within myself is based on see the solution before hand as i am the leader of myself preparing the way before me so i can stand in these moments and not be swayed by energy but be secure within the steadfast of my resolve within the life principles i am living

Word list - Living Words Secure
self leader
best for all

Redefined Secure - is to see and so self lead self to the solution/cure in the moment through preparing beforehand the potential outflows and corrections needed to become secure in the understanding of what the situation calls for as it presents itself.

Flag-point for this - if i am feeling insecure - then i realize a process has to be walked in writing/self forgive/self correction - living solutions to be able to become secure in that scenario and stand as solutions as the moment comes.

Scenarios to Live this New Definition of Secure -
-When i am in the mirror judging any part of my appearance, as the solution i walk self forgiveness and self corrective statements until i no longer judge my appearance in the mirror and i am stable, how ever long this takes, i stand and walk.

-if i am in front of another and my mind starts to chatter thoughts that 'i am being judged' 'they don't like me' 'i am being seen as weak' 'i am weak' - i breath through these thoughts and live the solution that the other is defining and creating themselves, and in this moment i must take responsibility for myself in stopping these thoughts from directing me and living the solution which is living solutions that are best for all - the one solution is - all life is equal and one as this physical existence - no being is more or less - each being is unique in an individual expression within the physical body that exist here as and a part where each on e is a part of the physical planet.

-Each is capable and able to live to there highest potential and all within this physical existence has this potential within them. My responsibility in this moment is to live these principles of equality and oneness of the physical and live the word self responsibility to stop my thoughts through breath awareness and have the solution in place to see the life that is here in a 'new' way - a way of equality and oneness and so live the best that is able to be lived in these scenarios for myself and for all others that i can support.

-Care (creative action regarding expression) also has to be walked in the moments i am changing in my process from insecure to secure by living solutions through caring for myself as i fall and stand up again in the process of change that is being walk, and caring for my physical body with efficient food/sleep/breath awareness to remain stable in my reality and balanced within my day to day application.
--care for myself when i am not feeling ok, is to realize that i am ok, i am alive, i am breathing, i have support around me, i have all i need to live, and i have the opportunity to walk to my highest potential, and so within this realization, i am in a simplistic outlook of life where life becomes simple, it's not about the thoughts or the thinking, but about how i am in my self in a moment - this is all that really matters the self here in the breath and how I will live/create myself. Through this provision of making life simple, best for all, and walking the tools of self responsibility and self change, i am moving myself into a point of becoming secure as i understand where i stand and i am leading myself to stand within how i will be in moments of insecurity becoming the solution for myself and the environment that i am in within the principle of what is best for all.

-Memories - memories that come up that move me from here - my directive principle - i note them down and walk the self forgiveness and self correction to purify the memory and release the energy charge within it within a day or two of the event.

-conflict resolution - to be continued - i have walked releasing the energy real time through breath, and understanding the solution within the outflow that is playing out by taking responsibility for myself and the situation and using my resources to create a solution that is best for all. Learning and expanding as I confront conflict and practicing the responding in my ability to create solutions that will create stability within the environment once again.
--If the person is violent of causing harm to others or myself, leave the area and call for professional support like police.

-Aid to someone in need - put myself in there shoes and see how they are seeing things, through communication and asking questions to find the common ground between all involved to be able to agree on a way forward that will be best for all.

-walking with animals - enjoy the moment with an animal treating them as how i would like to be treated and supporting them in the best way i am able to so there survival is certain and the equality of life is respected.

-Walking with children - change any reactions immediately not allowing time to pass and waiting to ensue as the children are looking to me as a solution and example of how to live. They will be the future of our world, so teaching myself in all areas that are here to learn what is best by walking what makes sense in this physical reality through a correction process of self honesty and self responsibility. This to ensure all children as all adults live in dignity and respect through securing their life in the highest potential we can possible create here each and every breath.

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