Sunday, June 21, 2015

Giving Up on Others; When or Is this Ever Legit? - An Objective Look – Day 465

Here I would like to discuss the point of walking with people in my world and when to support them and when to let them go. Within me I have a great drive to make sure everything I touch, I give my all and make it work, if I don’t make it work within my efforts and it falls, I go into an emotional experience of sadness and feeling unworthy. There is this future projection of seeing the way forward as more difficult and arduous if I accept and allow myself to fall or fail in a point of challenge and opportunity that is here. I suppose there are some ideas and beliefs I have created about the moments of falling on a task and not living to my utmost potential. There is a form of certainty in the sense that I know what I am capable of in relation to what I have accomplished in the past, but also a form of uncertainty where I don’t know what my capabilities are within meeting new challenges and opportunities that open up in my life. I don’t always know what is best and what direction to take, this is the area in which I am requiring to understand better and find a self honest direction to walk in cases where I do fall on something I have committed to walk as well as where in which I can continue to push and not give up and when is enough enough so to speak, I have always had a difficult time distinguishing this.

What I can factor in here that I hadn’t ever considered in the past is my physical body, I existed mostly in my mind in decisions of the past where I would push myself to the limits without considering anything, but what it is I was trying to achieve based on the positive energy I would receive if I did succeed. So it was more based in self interest and not in consideration of all factors that exist here. So yes, the first one is my physical body, I am currently doing a cleanse for my physical and giving it the time to detox and boost the nutrient substance through juicing. This on a physical level is cool and I know will support me as my body has been through a lot based on my mind drive when I was younger. I am learning to curtail that drive and considered what is best for my body in a best for all consideration to all the billions of cell that make me here J

The next factor is considering the people around me, and that is also including my relationship with myself, who aligns with me, who is able to be supported and who am I able to learn from and be supported by others. In truth, it would be cool to be supported and give support, walking with all people at once as I move in my world breath by breath, though I don’t see this as being realistic at this stage as I am not at this stage in my process. What I do know is that giving it my all and finding solutions to issues is a sure way to support living to a commitment with another and finding the way forward, but what is the limit? I see that depending on where the person is at within themselves that this has to be looked at and consider, who are they in their words, what can we do together, what of our selves merges and blends well, and what challenge points come up within each other. There is a lot of factors that go into who to align self with in this life, and obviously for what purposes, this purpose I would say is the key to walking what it is that is important to self and what self wants to do while on this planet.

More to come in the next blogs, thanks for reading.

Giving Up on Myself - Life Review

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