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EQAFE: A Place to Develop Self Perfection - Day 437

Eqafe- A place to develop self perfection.

You maybe asking yourself what is Eqafe? For those who are wondering, I will share a bit about what Eqafe is. Eqafe is a website of a great wealth of information related to life on earth, the mind, human behavior, human origin, sex, relationships, interdimensional perspective, animal insight, nature insight, out of this world discoveries, support for self creation, ability to transform self to a new way of living, ghostly insights, after death research, connection to what lies beyond, and many more topics I could list if I continue this, but I will assume for time sack you are starting to see the educational and in depth knowledge that lies within this site.

I have listened to a great amount of exclusive recordings on this site, and there are over 3000. I have even seen these recordings being recorded live on more then one visit across the sea, I changed my life, my way of living, my behavior in accordance to my application of what is being shared on this site. This I do not because I have nothing else to do or have some hidden obsession with this site or information, no I do have a life outside of this site though this site has become an integral part of myself as well as the actions I take in my day to day living. I do this because I have seen and proven within myself and to others in my world, that this information is valuable, it has value and has added value to my life, who I have become, and who I will continue to become within continuing to apply what these recordings share amid the thousands that have been released is someone who I wouldn't have imagined 2-3 years ago.

I am an advocate for this site and the people who are involved within the desteni group because they are living a message within each one’s own individual life of changing ourselves to be beings that are able to support the coming a of new world. We are changing ourselves in such a way that we as a group will be able to have the capability to direct what is here into a new way of living, a new humanity that is not based on self interest, but doing what is best for all. We, who listen and apply the Eqafe recording message are walking a process of self purification that takes self will and determination to see it through. And this message is to all those that can hear, all those willing to move themselves and change themselves through the support that is given, and there is support beyond these recordings. There are forums and courses and articles and videos a bound from many different perspectives of people who have endeavored on this process that is being explained and walked through within the eqafe site.

The Eqafe recordings are a source for those who are on the path of becoming self perfected in their living and their world, as those who understand this phrase where the old must go for the new to emerge, we must let go of who we have become as ourselves and create ourselves in a new way to see a new world where we have peace and harmony and actual indeed live in perfection as self inside and out. There are principles that are applied and used as a foundation within all the Eqafe recordings that are placed and these are based on the equality of all life, life is all one as the life source within all, and doing what is best for all. These principles are applied to all that exist in this reality as when you start your journey with the Eqafe site, you will soon become aware of what this means and then can be part of the solution that we all can see is desperately needed.

There is great emphasis and understanding on the mind, consciousness, and how our living reality at this time and in our past has been designed and programmed in such a way to benefit only some, and so leave others to suffer. This suffering and harm and abuse we see in this world is equally within oneself if you dare yourself to see how you think, see how you chat in your secret mind about others, and behave in ways that can be debilitating and regrettable, though this is who we are, and as been realized it will take time, many steps, many up and downs for self to change this behavior into something that is balanced, harmonious, and considers others equally as oneself and does then what is best for all. These changes within humanity are overdue, they have seemed like an impossible feat based on the way in which our world has evolved and existed. Though I can stand here and say these recordings as well as the sites associated with the Eqafe site stand to support everybody willing to have access and the ability to change oneself to do the extraordinary, change ourselves to be free and self directive in ways that will benefit all.

Obviously, when one look at this process from the outskirts or just starting out it seems like a daunting path, treating others as your equal, doing what is best for all, looking within myself and changing, stopping my behavior, it seems very difficult and at times it is difficult. Though the reward is something that when I first started on this process to change myself, I couldn’t have conceived where I stand in this moment, I have had many opportunities and experiences open up to me that I couldn’t have imagined four years ago. So I want to emphasize that this is not a stop and go type of site, it can be, though for the serious student it becomes one’s source of understanding and continues to source oneself in the journey to life that is waiting for each one.

So I suggest to check out the site and the sites associated with Eqafe, open yourself up to a new way of looking at the world and ourselves, do not judge what you will hear, understand it, investigate, and persevere forward to see life, the universe, existence, reality, self in a new way and so open the way to see this world and humanity as a whole, in a new way. Life is what really exist here, life is here and very much aware, life is speaking through this site in many different forms and voices, have a listen and see for yourself. Enjoy and I am here to assist if needed in anyway.

Thanks for reading.

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