Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Moving Beyond Limitations – Moving through Embarrassment – Day 433

I am continuing with the work event that I had gone to last week, where I was faced with a challenge of moving through my limitations of speaking to strangers about promoting my product I am selling for the population. Now within myself, again I am resistant to speaking to strangers, I have been shy most of my life, and more then not have detracted myself from any real point of interaction and having to speak to new people. This is more based on the energy that comes up within me when I am facing people and speaking, especially in this setting where I have to initiate conversation and direct it to an end goal. One of the more frightful energies that comes up is the embarrassment energy, this one was one I experienced throughout my life and when it came to speaking, I really didn’t like putting myself in that position where possibly I could miss my words, not know what to say, or fall completely and have to experience the emotional experience of embarrassment energy.

Within one of the interaction at this event, I was put in this exact position, which for my mind was like “ah shit no, I don’t want to do this”, but for self here walking process and moving through these points of challenge, I am saying to myself bring it on. So I accepted the challenge and put myself out there. I was new to this sort of business of selling as well as new to face to face direct sales using certain sales tactics to get the person in a short period of time to see the value of our product. I was uncomfortable doing this because I have not yet done this sort of way of communication very often, and only had a few other events I have gone to before this, so I am still learning and uncertain on how it'll go next.

From my last blog, I discussed about how I became emotional when I interpreted a person saying something negatively about me to my partner, and that I was then going to be judged by this person as not worthy. So from this moment on, I was in reaction, it was towards the end of the day, though I still had one other moment that I am going to write self forgiveness on and practical corrective application. This was a few moments after I reacted, another vendor came over and I was put on the spot to discuss what our product was about. I was not ready for this because within myself I was trying to get stable after taking that moment before personally.

I started speaking and in my mind I was judging myself as bad, and this person is probably seeing me as terrible, and I am going to do horribly within this business, and then while speaking to this man, I reacted physically with my face turning bright red. I could feel my face heat up and the color change from stable to red, and I then started flubbing up my words and just trying to stay afloat within the conversation. I eventually got through it, and after I stabilized had a look at what caused such a reaction of specifically my face going red, and how can I change this to prevent it next time to be stable with all the walks of life in the future I will meet and definitely communicate with.

I will continue in my next blog, thanks for reading.

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