Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Agreement – Redefining the Word to Live – Day 471

Agreement for me has been a way in which two people mostly are able to move forward with something they are wanting to do or create, it’s a way to enable movement in what can be for most cases a rather stale and hostile environment. I have been relatively agreeable over my life time within an assessment in the moment, though when I look more closely I can be quite stubborn sometimes or give my power away just to end the brewing conflict that is ensuing. I don’t enjoy conflict, so usually I will give in a bit to ensure the project moves forward and I can keep going with what it is I want to do. So within this I am seeing a bit of self interest, I would say in the past my main objective was myself and getting at least something out of the deal where I benefit. I would also allow the group to move forward even if I had to sacrifice or give more effort then others within the agreement that was made, and this is also something I enjoyed because I did like helping others and building my resolve to be a part of the solution. I come from a big family, and a lot of my life I had to agree to things with them and help out in the group effort to get a mutual projects done or to help out in some way or another, so this i have been practicing in a rather large group setting for all of my life. I see agreement as a means to support with the growth of something between a group or a pair.

Though here, I would like to dissect the word some within it’s definition as well as do some word play with it.

Here is the definition:
Agreement:   1) harmony of people's opinions, actions, or characters
                      2) compatibility of observations
                      3) the verbal act of agreeing
                      4) the statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises
Word Play:
Agreement -
A Guaranteed Mend
Agree We Mention

Within redefining this word and living it, I would see the first word play as a cool direct point of the word where the word guaranteed means an unconditional commitment that something will happen or that something is true and the word mend means the act of putting something in working order again, and so this I would say would be a cool way to live the word agreement. This where all involved within the agreement hold to making something that was in conflict or not working due to the nature of having to create an agreement into something that is in working order again through the guaranteed commitment that this will be lived within one’s truth of themselves to the best of their ability. This can be lived within all contexts of life because if one finds that the agreement doesn’t work, then this direct definition can be applied again, so it’s a self sustaining support structure for life, humanity especially, to live to the utmost potential of this word.

Within this living of this word, one will have to consider the discussion that will create the agreement and here this I would suggest and for myself would like to live self honestly where the best of the group or people involved is considered. This being a principle of doing what is best for all and so while considering oneself within the agreement, one also will have to consider the common good, and if one look within considering the common good, oneself is also always consider. So the living of this word within what I have created here is the commitment to repair something that is not working into working order, which will create the agreement to live by and thus move forward within one’s living creation.

Redefinition of the word Agreement – to commit to live the truth of self within what is best for all to repair that which is not working to the best of one’s ability considering the common good based on the discussion that lead up to the agreement that was created and put forward.

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