Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gift’s in Life: My Relationship with Henri - Day 456

I am going to start a new series to bring to the awareness of myself the many gifts I have been given and are given in life, so much of my mind and self is occupied on the negative parts of life, but not so much is looked and realized in the gifts that are ever present here in life if I but become aware of them. This we all can do and I will open this point up more for myself so I can become more clear in what this means for me as this was brought up in a leadership chat I participated in today. The topic was about when someone passes for instance that is close to you, we normally focus on the loss of the person or animal, which is relevant and ok for grieving purposes, but also to realize and remember that the life that was lived (in this instance) had gifts within it one can learn from and live within their own lives, which honors the person/pet that lived and supports others to do the same.  So it was a cool point and interesting as I so much have been focusing on the lose/death/unknown of life not realizing and seeing that there is life here as gifts that are real and practical and can be learned to support with solutions to grow and expand as ourselves as life. 

So my first relationship that I want to open up this point with is one that I can say is individual or personal to myself/alone and different in the sense that it’s not riddled with emotional and feeling energy in the way of drama/entertainment/extravaganza as human relationships can go so to say, this relationship is with Henri my dog. Everyone that knows me knows how much Henri means to me and how close we are with each other, I have made him my companion since the day I got him when he was 8 weeks old and have been with him every since. Though he is an animal, it’s been a unique relationship because of this very fact, he is an animal and is not like a human, so for me it’s a different vintage point, a different perspective, a different way of living that I align with very nicely and I enjoy immensely.

I am not pure within this relationship as I can see my dependency on him at times where I will go to him for comfort or to have a moment of ‘escape’ of the pressures that are existing in the ‘human’ world so to speak, and so there are points I must walk through still to support myself to be stable here with humans and animals alike. With Henri there is an aspect of care I enjoy as I am responsible for his care and he depends on me for it, so he is supporting me to give as I would like to receive every day I am with him and this supports a lot with expansion in self giving and releasing self interest. So we support each other in different ways though there is a stability and equality existed within it as we walk together which is quite in interesting point to live in this way. He stands as a point of stability for a moment for me to see what that in fact means, all animals in there own way stand as this point I have found, most all of the one’s I have met from horses, to chickens, to birds, to cats, there is a sense of groundedness as well as the fact that they are physical, they are here, they are simple in terms of their requirements in living though they all have a unique expression and life within them that is very real and natural.

One point specific with Henri that I wanted to bring up here that is more a prominent gift he has shown me is the unconditional way in which he approaches others in my life. Many if not all dogs do have this aspect about them where they will approach most people without any hesitation, if they sense something’s off, they will hesitate in terms of danger or something in this line, but the people I have had a hard time with for instance in my personal life, he unconditional approaches and supports the person with his expression, and this does not change from one to the next. Regardless of what and how the person behaves or acts, Henri in these moments shows me what it means to be unconditional because when I see this and realize it when it’s happening, I say to myself ‘man, he just goes up and plays/has fun, loves on, and supports them’, there is no thought, no emotion or judgment, it just is a stable approach of enjoyment/play/fun as his expression without regard of who the person is in the sense of how I would approach them with thoughts, judgements, reactions, I couldn’t fathom the thought of doing what Henri does at times when it’s hectic.

So out of a lot of gifts I have been given with Henri on this path together for a moment, the unconditonalness of his expression is one that has had more of an impact on me because of the fact that I don’t see anything like this anywhere in the ‘human’ world. It’s so pure and innocent, so it’s an awesome example and gift I have been given through Henri’s expression in this case of what this looks like and how to live it. It’s a process obviously to stand as this point, but it is possible as the animal demonstrates here for example, and in blogs to come I will walk self forgiveness and self commitments on this point of uncondtionalness for more clarity and specificity on how to live this, but this to open the point up.

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