Tuesday, May 27, 2014

There is Enough! Stopping the Cycle of Ignorance with LIG- Day 414

There is enough. This statement is crucial for the continuation of our species in the times ahead, where all we hear is that we do not have enough, not enough food, not enough money, not enough housing, but if one look behind who is in fact saying these statements, you will find the corporations who have a vested interest in us continuing to believe and so live out this belief that there is not enough. The corporations who control now the resources, the private banks who control the money supply, and the government who control our livelihoods all have a stake within making a lot of profit when we continue to believe that there is not enough. So we can not accept and allow any longer this notion that there is not enough resources or food or money in this world, we have to educate ourselves on the reality of what is here and how to walk the path to understand and so live the statement that there is enough!

We know that money is made out of thin air, there is no value inherently within the paper it's made from, it's simply a medium for commerce, and within this we the people give it meaning. So saying there is not enough money is a scapegoat for admitting to the fact that some want more then others, and will do what it takes to make this continue to happen as it and has been a reality for most of our recorded history. All are responsible within this ignorance we have accepted and allowed where some go with nothing and some go with enough, we all live and so accept this money system, so we all have to face the consequences and so change the outcomes to be best for all. It's on each one being a part of this change because it will not change until we stand up within ourselves and change who we are from within to the without. 

If we look at food for instance, here are some statistics about hunger and
also statistics on the food waste in the United States:

Total number of children that die every year from hunger -
1.5 million 
Percent of world population considered to be starving -
Time between deaths of people who die from hunger -
3.6 seconds

Each year, about 40 percent of all food in the United States goes uneaten. It's just tossed out or left to rot. And that's a fairly large waste of resources. All that freshwater and land, all that fertilizer and energy — for nothing. By one recent estimate, Americans are squandering the equivalent of $165 billion each year by rubbishing so much food.


So we have 33 percent of the world population that is considered starving and we have on the other extreme 40 percent of the food in America is thrown away due to not being processed effectively or not reaching the desired aesthetic picture the shoppers demand for. This seems like a sick joke we are playing on ourselves, I mean this doesn't make any rational sense to allow such a play out of life and death to exist, but it does, it is happening every day. What we fail to see or realize within the system we live in is that we are more and more interconnected and so dependent on each other to continue to exist. When we allow such a contrast of basic needs where some have much and many others have little to nothing, we have to stop and consider what we are in fact doing here. There has to be a point in each one's life where we have to question the way things are. This is determined and will be determined by each one within themselves and so will determine their own lives and existence, but it's suggested to find solutions for all human beings to be given the necessary basic rights that we all are should be given at birth, the conditions for a decent life.

The equal life foundation of which I support and contribute to with research and funding, have proposed a Living Income Guarantee, we’re they have set out the basic structure to build upon for a new way of life for all where all who are in need of it are given a living income to be able to buy what is needed and be sustained in a dignified way by changing parts of the current system that is in place. This will be walked as we start to open up the relationships and the pathways once there is more support and funding involved, but we are not there yet. We have to start from the ground up as we see, realize, and understand that from the top down will not change things as this is the way it's always been, and there has been no significant change in human life in the last 2000 years. We as the people that can hear the message and see that the way forward is a way of walking the talk and living the solutions as ourselves, can move to positions and solutions that will continue to propel this best for all principle forward and walk what is necessary in all avenues until it is eventually done. Never giving up, continuing to push forward, empowering ourselves and so others as we move forward with the principles that are best for all and living these principles into our lives and so our world.

We do have enough on this planet, so this is not the problem as the earth has given all the resources/sustenance/common sense to walk the best for all principle for each one to benefit from this reality equally. If we start with a living income, to create a standard of living that gives all dignity and from there start to look at how and through what means we can change the way we do things to create efficiency and sustainability, we can start the path of honoring life and not wasting and destroying it due to our own ignorance's. Support the equal life foundation and the Living Income guarantee proposal to start and create the change that is needed to live the principle of 'best for all life', which will always be best for you.

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