Friday, February 22, 2019

The Principle of Investigate All Things and Keep What Is Good - Day 577

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"4. The Principle of Investigate All Things and Keep What Is Good
I unconditionally investigate, consider, and introspect all aspects, expressions, perspectives, and avenues of life and assess what can practically be applied within the Principle of What is Best for All." 
From the Desteni Declaration of Principle

Here this principle in application has been a ride for sure, in the sense that it is an adventure of sorts, it is a journey within reality as one journies within self and it is equally as vast within and without.

Though I have found when I stick to the application of what is best for all through changing myself in self honesty, the simplicity of life becomes visible, like I am aware of more and how things work on a physical level and this opens up these amazing doors as opportunities to discover, from the great to the small and back again.

This journey and adventure is also riddled with challenges and the unknown, so as this word courage has come up a number of times today in my daily life, it is fitting for this blog topic as one in fact must have courage. Courage meaning you have to be willing to face the unknown and at times face it head on because in this principle of test all things and keep what is best, you physically practically have to test out that which you are walking. Say a pattern of self compromise, as you walk the process of self change, you will face a number of challenges and uncomfortability, but the incredible thing about it is that you will realize that you are able, more then capable because we have as a species always underestimated our worth and potential in this life. Once you show yourself your own potential within the principles of life in what is best, which is the highest honor of all, you start to thrive.

And man you find your passions and you get to explore and discover who you are within these, you face immense amounts of fears, but you realize eventually it’s only moments in time and energy that is fleeting, and that your physical living change is no match to any mind dimension of sorts, thoughts, addictions, emotions, though don’t get me wrong I am continually challenged to my core being, the courage, the core gauge of myself to see who am I, within self honesty you realize this point, and there is only one way to get there, direct, facing the shit, forgiving self, and changing in what is best.

This requires a point of testing everything, so it’s to not judge what is here because it is all self, everything is a part of self because everything is life, same as self, once this is realized self starts to go deeper and understand who one is as life more, and the fun continues. It’s a self adventure, trust in who you are, trust in life here, support others as you’d like to be supported, forgive ourselves, and walk the solutions necessary to keep what is good that benefit each and all one and equal.

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